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3 things to follow while creating content

Content Creation Fueled By Your Customer Persona – 3 Things To Follow

There are several methods you can deploy for researching and understanding your customer persona such as surveys, feedback, tracking online behaviour through tools like Google Analytics, etc. But all your research will help you develop an understanding of who your ideal customer(s) are and then target your marketing towards them. 

10 ways to generate website traffic

10 Ways To Generate Your Website Traffic From Digital Marketing

All digital marketing efforts are directed toward increasing website traffic. Most digital marketers do realise that they cannot generate website traffic without content. However, it’s difficult to look back and evaluate what’s generating traffic to your site and what isn’t while you’re creating a new blog post, publishing on social media, and planning a new email campaign.

branding on social media

Everything You Need To Know About Branding Through Social Media

Traditionally, branding was limited to securing a logo for your product or service. The traditional modes of branding limited their marketing channels to print media, air broadcasts and television advertising. In 2022, marketing has advanced in its scope to include social media as a pillar for branding.

email marketing automation

Trigger Marketing: 5 Steps to Use It in Any Campaign

Marketing automation uses software to carry out monotonous and routine tasks. Marketing departments may automate time-consuming processes like email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns – not simply for the sake of efficiency, but also to give their clients a more personalized experience

Social media copywriting

Writing Social Media Copy That Sells

If you are turning to social media to amplify your brand’s presence, you may be in need of some good copywriting tips that help you sell in today’s fast-growing digital world. We know social media is a competitive platform today, especially for brands. Numerous Brands on social media try to gain audiences’ attention through witty, Read more about Writing Social Media Copy That Sells[…]

Social media marketing for restaurants

Social Media Tips For A City Cafeteria/Restaurant Campaign

Did you know that #foodporn, #foodphotography and #yummy have millions of followers? (Source: Instagram) If you are a restaurant owner reading this blog, this is your cue to download Instagram, click a photo of your special dish and upload it to the gram using these hashtags. It is possible that this photo will reach thousands, Read more about Social Media Tips For A City Cafeteria/Restaurant Campaign[…]

landing page design

The Right Time To Start Working On A Landing Page For Your Brand : Know It All With Us!

Specifically designed for a marketing campaign, a landing page is created on a website. In other words, the website page users land on after clicking on a link from YouTube, Facebook, Google, or any other social media site or search engine.  If you want a certain audience to take a single action, then in that Read more about The Right Time To Start Working On A Landing Page For Your Brand : Know It All With Us![…]

digital marketing skills

8 Digital Marketing Skills a Pro Needs to Succeed in 2022

You may own a million-dollar business but it will soon reach stagnation if you are unable to boost growth. For those whose dream job itself is to become a successful digital marketer, you must know that this industry is an ever-changing one. Therefore, you constantly need to upgrade your skills to succeed as a pro Read more about 8 Digital Marketing Skills a Pro Needs to Succeed in 2022[…]

Instagram marketing

Instagram reels and all that’s possible with them!

Instagram is flooded with reels as it has become the number one source for entertainment among people. Despite the fact it was called tiktok’s copy, the audience didn’t take much time to embrace the feature. Let us see review the numbers that determine ( the positive impact today’s fast trending Instagram reels bring to a Read more about Instagram reels and all that’s possible with them![…]

success of digital marketing

Habits of a successful digital marketing professional: Pro tips.

Marketers from a digital marketing agency who are servicing a variety of businesses are expected to create and execute strategies to promote brands, products and services, in order to make maximum profit for the organization. The job of a marketer is never easy. They have to look into various things like campaigns, budget, goals etc. Read more about Habits of a successful digital marketing professional: Pro tips.[…]