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YouTube’s Latest Features: Photo Editing & Quizzes


When Google keeps surprising its users with so many features and updates, one can only wait before newer and improved features are placed within YouTube. And.. that’s exactly what has happened! 

Google’s flagship acquisition, YouTube has recently come up with some of its own features that allow photo editing and quizzes to community posts. Interesting right? 

Let’s see what the bustle is all about. 

What Are The New Features Introduced By YouTube? 

Quizzes may now be added by creators to their community posts on YouTube, which are the social media-style updates for channels with at least 500 subscribers. Only a few authors get access to the quiz beta.

You may be able to increase the number of repeat visitors to your material if you utilise a contest or simple shout-out to encourage consumers to complete the quiz. Given that this is an experiment, YouTube could open up more quizzes if they get good responses.

The information was initially released in a brand-new video on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel, where the business regularly updates creators on YouTube product news, responds to inquiries, and reveals what experiments and testing it is currently conducting.

The business outlined how the quiz function may be useful for producers in its most recent video, particularly educational channels that wish to aid their viewers’ learning. YouTube stated that the test was currently ongoing with a select group of producers and that it aimed to gather input before further opening up access to the feature.

The company’s new quiz post tool will fight against TikTok’s Q&A function, which was introduced last year, and the quiz sticker for Instagram stories as YouTube strives to unseat TikTok and Instagram as the leading platform for creators.

What Tools Can Marketers Use On YouTube? 

Youtube also said that it is testing a picture editing tool that, following earlier tests on Android, will soon be available on iOS devices through the YouTube app. Using the tool, producers may edit the photographs they publish in community postings by applying filters, text, and stickers. The tool has been accessible on Android smartphones for a few months, so the expansion of the deployment appears encouraging for the development of the function.

According to YouTube, the photo editing capability will be available to a restricted number of randomly chosen producers.

The “Promotions” page in YouTube Studio, which makes it simpler for producers to buy commercials, the co-streaming function, and shopping capabilities on YouTube Shorts are just a few of the new features that YouTube has been testing this year for creators.

What’s Next? 

YouTube said on its Creator Insider channel and in a blog post that it is getting ready to launch a new feature that would let certain creators invite a guest to go live alongside them. Creators won’t be able to co-stream on YouTube’s desktop version at first; they will only be able to do it using a phone. Only a small number of producers will have access to the new service at first, but YouTube aims to make co-streaming available to more creators in the future.

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