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You Can Now Erase Your Personal Info From SERPs With The Google App


Is there a personal detail about you floating around the internet you want to be removed ASAP and don’t know how? Most people are unaware of this useful search engine feature. Google has incorporated the resolution on the beta version of its search app. It will soon be featured on every updated Google app. 

Is it a new feature? 

Surprisingly, the feature has been around since 2020 but is at the bottom of the help page. The new update will be an expansion of the existing tool. In both cases, users must fill out a form explaining why they wish to take down the information from the search results. By rolling out the update, Google ensures that users get the option to access the ‘removal request form’ from the user profile menu or SERPs.

How to remove your personal information using the application?

If you encounter information you want to be removed from the search results, collapse the menu icon to open the “ About this result” panel. Upon clicking the “remove result” from the menu, Google will redirect you to the removal request form. The form primarily asks you the reason for opting to delete the information from its library. Alternatively, the request form can also be accessed by clicking on your Gmail profile picture and then opting for “ Results about you”. With the tool, you can de-index pages that contain confidential personal information, bank account number, credit card details, signature, ID cards, health records, contact details, login credentials, etc. Google will follow the form-filling procedure with an email asking you to confirm the request. An email will also be sent to your mail id after a completed action from Google’s side. It should also be noted that Google won’t consider requests for removing information that it thinks is helpful for users, like a news article. Also, information held by government agencies and websites will stay. 

Google’s effort is an approach toward empowering users by providing an extra layer of security privacy. They have made it easier and accessible for users to choose the fate of their publicly available records. 

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