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Yoast SEO 19.7 becomes 19.7.1 hours after release!


The penultimate version of the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin experienced a glitch soon after its release leading websites to crash and encounter serious errors. Reportedly, the Yoast SEO 19.7 version succumbed to the same issue it faced during the last three updates: plugin conflict. Usually, plugins are in cordial terms with each other. In Yoast’s case, some plugins stopped Yoast from updating correctly, and the problem got resolved within a couple of hours. 

Fatal errors happen for many reasons, and here it was the coding that interfered with existing plugins. Yoast 19.7 meddled with other plugins or custom coding, which changed the admin login URL. Changing the login URL is a preventive measure adopted to fool hacker software that automatically navigates to the default URL to steal the credentials. Upon spotting the bug, Yoast informed users about it, explained the aftermath, and promised to come up with a solution via tweet. 

Plugin conflicts happen everywhere, not just to Yoast. According to its founder Joost Valk, they did not scan all the 6000+ plugins available on the WordPress ecosystem before the release of 19.7. He further added in his tweet that it is a usual practice to test their plugin updates before releasing most of their popular plugins. The new update, 19.7.1, has a key change that will improve Yoast’s ability to manage fatal errors. As a result, Yoast will not run on the login page, ensuring users’ access to their dashboard. 

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