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Writing Social Media Copy That Sells

Social media copywriting

If you are turning to social media to amplify your brand’s presence, you may be in need of some good copywriting tips that help you sell in today’s fast-growing digital world.

We know social media is a competitive platform today, especially for brands. Numerous Brands on social media try to gain audiences’ attention through witty, creative and informative post copies. This attention is usually quantified in terms of engagement such as likes, comments, follows, and views, to name a few. 

If you are not aware of what a social media copy is, it is short and crisp content published for your audience on social media. These are usually short-form, bite-sized content pieces that can be easily consumed by the audience. Copies can be in the form of static posts, carousels, captions and more. A good social media copy is a blend of informative text supported by interesting designs and graphics. 

Read this article till the end to understand how you can make a habit out of creating social media copies that sell. 

Gain The Copywriting Skill

Social media is a platform where you can express yourself to attract viewership and generate leads based on the value you offer. However, communicating your value to the audience requires a skill that only a few have mastered. This skill is all about conveying a message in as few words as possible supported by designs that retain the audience’s attention. 

Writing social media copies does not always require you to collaborate with a designer to support your copy text. You can use different font sizes, colours, emojis and backgrounds to emphasise the message you want to convey via your social media copy. This skill will come to you when you observe copies posted by others on social media as well as by practising it on your own. 

Take a look at the following points that can kickstart your practice for writing good social media copies that sell. If you find writing social media copies on your own, you can always seek assistance from social media content writing services to help you with the same. 

Make A List of Your Selling Points 

Your unique selling points are what will truly help your brand apart from your competition. These include success stories and unique selling propositions. Even if the list is as long as 2 or 3 points, it is enough as they are valuable. By knowing your selling points, you can focus on conveying the value you can add to your audience without derailing. Moreover, by continuously creating social media copies around those 2-3 selling points you will constantly remind your audience of who you are and what value you offer. 

Information  + Creativity = Thumbstopper 

Social media users usually utilise the platforms to stay informed as well as entertained. Informing audiences can be a creative endeavour. To be able to do this, you will need to harness the power and purpose of writing social media copies. The purpose of your copy is to make the readers stop scrolling and engage with the copy. If your copy looks, reads and sounds boring, the viewer is likely to scroll up and skip what you have got to say. Don’t shy away from playing around with words and designs in your social media copy. 

The idea is to create a “thumb-stopper” with your social media copy. Something that makes your audience want to stop scrolling (usually with their thumb) and engage with your content. 

Make It About The Customer 

Like brands want attention from their audience, the audience enjoys being valued. Audiences prefer engaging with brands that reciprocate the attention they gain. Therefore your social media copy needs to revolve around your prospects, this is the essence of social media marketing

Therefore, write your social media copies in the first person, using the pronouns such as “you”, “yours”, “we”, and “us.” Moreover, give your prospects incentives to engage with your post. Incentives may include encouraging them to share their opinion in the comments section, and giving a select few prospects offers and discounts. Prospects are likely to engage with your social media copies if they feel there is something in it for them. 

Always Add A Call-To-Action 

call to action

Suppose your audience has read your social media copy and even engaged with it by liking it. What next? By adding a call to action (CTA) to your copy your audience knows the other ways they can engage with you. CTAs such as adding the website link, encouraging comments on the post, and adding contact information will help you direct your audience to do exactly what you want them to do, i.e, buy from you. 

We hope this article helps you write effective social media copy that sells. Bookmark this blog to practice writing social media copies regularly! 

Good luck! 

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