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WordPress releases an update to fix three critical vulnerabilities

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WordPress has rolled out a security update to safeguard publishers from medium to high-level vulnerabilities. The 6.02 version of the security and vulnerability update will be part of most WordPress sites automatically and will influence the performance of each WordPress site. So, you must check if the security and maintenance update is already part of your website. The update will automatically be part of websites belonging to version 3.7.

Regarding bug fixes, the update comprises a dozen changes for the WordPress core alone and an additional 5 for the block editor. Amongst these, the major one is the amendment in the Pattern Directory that is supposed to aid theme authors. The new change will provide only patterns that align with the theme. The aim here is to make it attractive and improve the user experience for publishers. 

The next tweak deals with three security patches, of which the first vulnerability is of prime importance. It is known as the high severity SQL Injection vulnerability. If left unchecked, the vulnerability will let bad actors query the critical database of your website and modify classified data. The patch, according to Word fence, needs administrative rights for execution. In light of this update, Word fence warns legacy websites with the WordPress link functionality enabled of a potential breach. The remaining two vulnerabilities: Stored Cross-Site Scripting, are not expected to affect most WordPress publishers. The release also resolved some pertinent issues with Moment, a JavaScript data library already part of WordPress.

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