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Why Does My Small Business Need A Website?

Many of you may think having active social media accounts is a good substitute for a website. While social media is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, a website is where your audience is drawn to as a response to effective marketing. 

You may use any channel for marketing – email, social media, affiliate, etc. A combination of these channels would help you create an effective marketing strategy, but the strategy is incomplete without a website at its centre. 

One doesn’t need to think much to understand why big corporations and popular brands have their own websites. But, why do small businesses need one? In fact, we say small businesses need it more than big enterprises do. Let’s look at some reasons why your small or medium-sized business cannot succeed without a well-designed, fully optimised and user-friendly website. 

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Establish Credibility & Bring Customers Back 

Imagine seeing an advertisement for an offer on a new pair of sunglasses. But you have never heard of this company before. Since you liked those sunglasses so much, your instincts ask you to “Google the company” that advertised the pair to see what else they offer and….bummer! You could not find their website anywhere. This makes you wonder if the company actually exists and second-guess the offer they made. 

This not only led to losing a potential customer but now the customer also doubts the offerings. 

Having a website could have avoided this. If the company had a website, the customer would have found the company, explored other offerings and would even know where to find them again. 

Your 24×7 Salesperson 

Your website is the digital equivalent of having a physical store. Instead of having to physically invite customers and hire sales representatives, all you need to do is be present on the digital landscape with a well-functioning website. 

In fact, having a website is a much better deal than owning a physical store because you can run the former 24×7, making sales around the clock. Secondly, you can customise your website to your liking, with a much less turnaround time, this means you don’t have to wait long hours to get your site running. 

You can minimise your turnaround time for creating a fully functional website if you find help from a good website design agency

Integrating Social Media 

Social media is an additional essential aspect of having a great website. As mentioned above, you can use social media marketing to direct your prospects to your website. Social media platforms are a crucial component of marketing strategies for businesses and brands in the digital era since they help them build client relationships, raise brand awareness, and boost sales. 

A company can open up a new line of communication with its target audience by including the website links on its social media platforms and adding its social media links to its website. This can facilitate the integration of marketing channels, giving the prospect a seamless experience while browsing you.  Additionally, social media platforms give businesses direct access to their customer base, creating a fantastic opportunity to deliver first-rate customer care.

website analytics reports

Gather Data On Your Prospects 

Your website is your platform for responding to any fundamental inquiries about your company and brand from prospects. People who visit your website look for information about the company, your products/solutions, where you are located, how to contact you, etc.

Just like your prospects visit your website to make an informed decision on their purchase, you can gather information on your website, and visitors, through Google and marketing analytics. Moreover, you can also measure how well your website is performing through website analytics reports. This can help you to improve or optimise your website to maximise engagement on the page, for example, through Website live chats and lead generation forms.

Give A Fierce Competition

You can’t rank on the first page of Google search results if you don’t have a website. Bidding on the appropriate keywords can improve the amount of traffic to your website and influence the buyer’s journey. 

When a user finds you on the first page of Google, there is a high chance that they will explore your website. But remember, if you have a website, chances are your competitor has one too. By optimising your website for search engines, you can constantly stay on the top of your game by improving content, managing leads, and following up. You could give your competitors a run for their money with a well-functioning website. 

Marketing procrastinators may ignore these reasons for creating a website for a business. But if you want your business to shine bright, the first thing you need to do is get on a call with your web development agency today. 

All the best. 

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