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B2B vs B2C SEO

Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) are the two different business models. In B2B, business is done between two companies whereas, in the B2C model, the business is done between a company and a customer like a brand e-commerce website or the airconditioning dealership in your city.

In the current marketing trends, SEO plays an important role to get more target audience at the lowest cost thus mitigating the high cost of customer acquisitions from paid marketing. SEO is one of the most successful marketing techniques to get more traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo. Bing.

Let’s understand some basic differences between B2B business and B2C business :

Process Time of decision making: The time involved in the decision making of B2B business is more than that of B2C business. As in B2B business, the approach is to call for quotations and review and the decision is taken. While in the case of B2C business, it is more on the individual level so the time to decision is less in comparison.

Buying duration: In a B2B business scenario lot of companies are involved in the chain of buying/selling process, availability of funds and consent of the stakeholders plays an important role which leads to increased duration to arrive at a final purchase. The customer who is an individual is the primary decision maker and decides and places the order with the company, Hence the buying duration from product need to purchase is less.

Target Audience: In B2B business, the target audience is more specific while in B2C there is an opportunity to target a large number of end customers. Hence the target audience for B2C is wider, while for B2B it is focused only on providing services and products in which they deal.

So the reason to share the few points above was to let you know the audiences are different as are the needs. Today in the digital age both types of customers are depending on the internet search and research and SEO is the bread earner of many businesses.

So what are some of the key Differences between B2B & B2C SEO :

SEO Ranking Time: Actually good quality SEO is a long term process for both types of businesses. In B2B, it might take little lesser time as you want to target a specific niche and not too many businesses today are excited at the prospect of SEO so the opportunity is huge for early adopters.

On the B2C front, SEO has already become an integral part of digital marketing strategy and the competition is immense and every passing day the prospects are becoming tough and time taken to rank will not only increase but also add to efforts when creating an off-page SEO strategy. it will also depend on the keywords chosen for ranking and the competition, searches etc for Small business Seo is a big challenge but it’s better late than never.

Keyword Strategy: Keywords selection is at the heart of good Search engine optimization. Especially so when the keywords are targeting a B2B audience. This means more focus is required on B2B SEO. While in B2C business the SEO keywords base can be much larger and hence SEO is a very broad-based and exhaustive activity.

In most cases, B2B companies offer intangible products and services which makes it difficult to segregate between keywords that are high-intent and or purely used for seeking information. Let’s take an example of an HR professional in need of buy Attendance software. A simple search query can be ‘Attendance software’ but more serious buyers might look for “Attendance software for IT companies” to “Small Business Attendance software”.

On the B2C front, the keyword strategy is mostly products driven. If you are in the business of selling clothes and in that category especially women’s Kurtis, then a good keyword strategy would be to use brand and style related words in the keyword selection.

A study of what your prospects are searching for online will go a long way in developing the perfect keyword strategy which will also guide your content writing strategy for SEO and Social Media. This will help you get better engagement from blog post writing, articles for downloads etc.

Keyword Selection: In most cases, it is found that companies select their keywords in the name of their products and services, for example, if a B2B company offers laser products and just mention ‘Laser’ as a keyword. This won’t help them because the relevancy score of this keyword is low compared to user intent. There are so many keywords associated with ‘laser’, so keyword relevancy is important. Someone looking for a ‘‘high energy laser machine’’ is going to precisely look for that keyword.

Keyword research is an extensive process and the result of good quality keyword strategy would ideally incorporate keywords for both information and transaction search for B2B SEO. Worth noting here is that B2B keywords attract a smaller and specific audience the keywords can be technical and specific to industry or products.

Having said that, the B2C keyword research process is not any simpler. In fact, it can be more complex to arrive at the right set of keywords because of the higher search volume. For B2C Seo the challenge is to find the relevant keywords that aren’t too broad or too niche, The objective is to drive quality traffic that will result in conversions.

Content Marketing for SEO: When it comes to B2B SEO and use of content, product details play an important role. The more clear and concise the website content is the better are the chances of getting more business. All Marketing spiel should be kept at low’s and over explanations to be avoided. Remember B2B user needs interaction and more customization so B2B website content writing has to be approached with a different strategy then B2C. On the flip side any B2C buyer wants to know more immediately and hence content marketing is what works but with more content.  A B2C consumer usually needs a product ‘now’ and his searches need to take him to content that satiates his many queries before the purchase decision. So imagine if you have great content and you are ranked high on search results – you have the searcher’s attention and business knocking on your doors. The key here is to understand that high-quality content writing is valuable for both search engines and internet buyers.

Good quality SEO which used high quality of content writing helps a business rank their websites higher up on search engines results pages thus generating traffic opportunities which ultimately lead to more website visitors and conversions. Good SEO is a win-win for both business and consumer.

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