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Website Refresh Vs. Redesign, What Should My Company Go For?


With Google going berserk on the number of updates it’s been rolling out since the start of 2022, one may ask a valid question: website refresh vs. redesign, what should one go for? 

Revamping a website differs on various factors, from the cost involved to the time demanded the two processes can be a hard guess to make. But if you want to make a surefire move on your website design, you need to learn what these two processes entail and what you expect to achieve at the end of it. 

So let’s first compare website refresh vs. redesign by learning the key differences. 

What Is Website Refresh? 


A website refresh is comparable to painting a car or even changing the wall art in your living room— modifications that have an impact on the item’s look but don’t alter its structural integrity. Your car is still the same underneath even though it may appear very different when painted blue rather than black.

The cost is one of the distinctions between a website refresh and a website overhaul. A few aesthetic adjustments, or even a complete redesign of the site’s design and colour scheme, will almost always be less expensive than switching your content system or starting from scratch on a domain.

A refresh may involve changing and deploying several components at once, or it may take longer. Sometimes continuous website redesign projects call for one or two minor adjustments each week over a longer period of time. In reality, many website owners choose to update various components over the course of several months or even years.

What Is A Website Redesign? 


As the name suggests, website redesign involves redesigning all, or nearly all, of the website’s code and appearance. If we were to apply the metaphor of a house, we would demolish the old one and construct a new one in its place, possibly retaining the plumbing and electrical connections. 

The scope of the project is the main of website refresh vs. redesign overhaul. Refreshing your website can involve something as simple as changing your logo or as involved as changing your colour palette. It never, however, alters an existing website more than the surface level.

However, a website revamp is a much bigger undertaking. It is like having plastic surgery for websites. It entails altering the supporting infrastructure for the website. A website makeover may include things like rebuilding the site, incorporating new material like a blog, improving the navigation, and more.

Not sure what to choose between website refresh vs. redesign? Ask a good website development agency for their expertise and determine what works best for your company. 

When Should You Go For A Refresh? 

The following scenarios call for a website refresh: 

  • You recently finished a complete website redesign (within the last year or two), and now you only want to freshen up the appearance without significantly altering your content.
  • In general, your visitors can find what they want, but you still want to optimise website for mobile and desktop, promote particular content, or lower your bounce rate.
  • You are content with your content management system and are not bothered by the content editing procedure or the limitations on what you may alter.
  • You want to undo the mistakes on your website’s checkout page or other pages on the same domain. 

When Should You Go For A Redesign? 

Here’s when you should consider a full website redesign: 

  • Your website hasn’t been updated in at least a couple of years. It might frequently make sense to embrace the newest browsers and devices from the beginning rather than trying to cram support for them later.
  • Your website’s visitors are frustrated because they can’t find the information they need there.
  • Your company’s objectives or messaging have undergone major adjustments.
  • You find editing your website challenging or are dissatisfied with your content management system.
  • Your web design agency is convinced that your website visitors will not have a great experience without a complete makeover of the website. 

Things To Consider When Choosing Between Website Refresh Vs. Redesign 


As mentioned above, the scope of the expectation is a major determinant of whether you should go for a refresh or a redesign. Has your company adopted a new technology that needs to be plugged into the website? Or is your company going in for complete rebranding? In this case, a simple website plugin installation or update will not achieve anything for you. You will need to adapt to the new technology with a complete redesign. 

On the other hand, do you want to make minor updates to your website like changing the font, adding menus and options, integrating SEO services and repurposing old content? When the scope of the project is small like this, a website refresh should do the job. 


You’ve undoubtedly realised by now that a redesign is more significant than a refresh. A redesign will therefore require more time to execute than a refresh.

The time it takes to remodel something is frequently worthwhile. A website that is simply not performing well may be able to be rebuilt, and the increased traffic and conversions that follow may more than make up for your time investment.

However, spending months overhauling a website isn’t always necessary or desired. Now is the time for your packaging to match your new brand colours. The beginning of your advertising campaign is next month. Only a few minor modifications are required. A shorter refresh is ideal in situations like these.

We recommend comprehensive website redesign should be done every two to three years, with a refresh every year, or around halfway through the period between redesigns. Your website will always look cutting-edge, be really easy to use, and work effectively for your business if you use clever code, strong brand standards, and a robust content strategy with a content management system. 

All the best! 

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