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Get the right Website Maintenance contract for your site

Websites need to keep up with the pace of the audiences needs for information and for credible sources. The website has a huge impact on the overall positioning and credibility of any organization big or small. The value of a website for the user is high only when it is maintained to work properly and has updated information. We provide web maintenance services at reasonable cost. So if you want to add / edit your website pages or you want additional web pages according to your digital marketing agency requirements or you need to update / change web forms or for any other website related tasks our team will be happy to assist you maintain your website to grow your business. Have an urgent requirement – contact our website maintenance team now!

Our website maintenance teams ensure that your site is always upto-date and your web vistors don’t meet any hurdles when they come to give ou business. We do not operate with multiple packages as we believe that each business will have different website maintainence needs. Thus we have a basic web maintenance package which anyone can subscribe to and then we customize the maintenance contract as per your specific requirements.

The Basic website maintenance package includes, site backup and restore, content updates, image updates and support via telephone and e-mail. We understand that your needs go just beyond having a basic web presence hence we have a team who can help you with content writing, search engine optimization, landing page design and development etc which will help you get better ROI from your digital marketing campaigns.

Typical Website AMC inclusions

• Quick website updates
• Monthly website & Database backup
• Add, Edit and Update contents
• On demand Backup
• Website Performance checkup
• Virus, Bugs and browser incompatibility removal
• Monthly website traffic report
• All forms functionality checks to ensure they are working properly
• Enquiry mails and Thank you page checks
• Broken link check and removal
• Identify 404 errors and resolve
• Support (Email / Phone)
• Suggestions & Consultation on Site Performance or design aspects

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