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Two New Features Introduced By Meta Allow Creators To Earn


Just like Google, Meta is on a roll to introduce new features to delight its users. However, Meta has failed to disappoint us with its latest feature that gives pathways to creators to earn money using the platform.

As you may already know, Meta keeps developing tools that enable creators to gain exposure, expand their networks, and make a life. Meta invited creators from all across the world to join Creator Week 2022 to help them advance their professions, connect with colleagues, and forge a shared future. New opportunities for producers to make money on Facebook and Instagram were also announced.

What Are The Opportunities To Make Money On Instagram?

Connect With Subscribers 

Meta started testing Subscriptions early this year as a method for creators to strengthen their relationship with their community while generating dependable, monthly money as part of our efforts to assist creators in making a life on Instagram.

It opened up Subscriptions to more people in the US after receiving comments that new opportunities for community building and content sharing will benefit subscribers even more and boost revenue potential.

Creators can offer subscribers access to exclusive material in exchange for a recurring monthly fee. This might be the most advantageous choice for generating steady revenue on Instagram.

To check to see if you qualify for Instagram Subscriptions, go to your professional dashboard in the Instagram app. . You will get a choice to set up subscriptions for your account if you are qualified.

The new “join chat” sticker, which is akin to the subscription sticker we introduced earlier this year, allows subscribers to join talks from your story. This sticker can be added to both subscriber and non-subscriber stories, enabling current subscribers to simply subscribe while followers can tap to join the chat.

Digital Collectables & NFTs 


Soon, Instagram users will be able to create their own digital collectables and sell them to followers both inside and outside of the app. By purchasing digital assets made by their favourite creators directly from Instagram, users can support them effortlessly. With the intention of shortly expanding to more nations, Instagram is testing these new capabilities with a select group of authors in the US.

In the US, Facebook and Instagram users may now connect their wallets and share their digital valuables. This includes enabling users to post their personal digital collectables on both Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, the feature is now accessible to everyone in the 100 nations where Instagram sells digital collectables.

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