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Twitter Ads 3 New Ad Features Directed At Conversions

Twitter Ads 3 New Ad Features

Twitter has made the news once again and this time it’s to delight marketers and the general users instead of disappointing them with news about layoffs and odd working hours for its current employees. 

Irrespective of the challenges this social media giant is currently facing such as its most active users that stopped tweeting, Twitter has managed to experiment and bring in some great features for its users. 

Three new advertising choices are being introduced by Twitter with the goal of encouraging users to explore and interact with businesses’ websites.

The latest ad offerings from Twitter include:

  • Enhancing Website Conversions
  • Variety of dynamic product ads
  • Ad Collection

Twitter claims that its new ad units “will produce mid to lower-funnel outcomes for marketers and enhanced relevance for users on Twitter” in a blog post.

Let’s look at how these features can benefit users such as individuals and businesses alike. 

Website Conversion Optimization

The conversion target, known as Website Conversions Optimization (WCO), has undergone a significant redesign that will enhance how marketers contact consumers who are most likely to convert on a lower-funnel website activity (e.g. add-to-cart, purchase).

According to Twitter, WCO will establish a clear objective that goes beyond simply getting a visitor to the landing page such as: add-to-cart, purchase, leads, or subscribers. Then, based on early testing, the user-level algorithms will target more precisely, targeting those who are most likely to achieve a particular objective at an average cost-per-conversion that is 25% cheaper. Use of the Twitter Pixel or Conversion API is required by WCO in order to optimise with site-user behaviour (CAPI).

Twitter Dynamic Ads 

Dynamic Product Ads 

In order to increase sales and conversions, advertisers can use dynamic product ads (DPA) to provide the most pertinent product to the correct client at the right moment. By using DPA Retargeting, you may show targeted customers advertisements for goods they have interacted with (by adding to their shopping carts, for example) but not yet purchased.

Using DPA Prospecting, you may bring in new clients who haven’t been to your website by showing them adverts for the goods that are most pertinent to them. With integrated Twitter Marketing Partners, advertisers that utilise a feed management platform for their product catalogue may easily expand product strategy into Twitter.

twitter collection ads

Collection Ads 

Collection Ads are an advertisement type on Twitter that enables marketers to provide a selection of product photos. This is achieved through a main hero image and smaller thumbnail images underneath it, giving users of the site an immersive and visually stimulating experience. 

While using the horizontal scroll, viewers can browse through the thumbnails while the main picture stays static. Each image may direct users to a distinct landing page when clicked. In Twitter’s early testing, it observed a 54% increase in the average conversions per impression and a 42% rise in the average click-through rate.

All marketers may currently access the new ad units on Twitter. These launches continue the momentum started by the updates made earlier this year to Twitter Pixel, Conversion API, and App Purchase Optimization products. Now, every capability is accessible on a worldwide scale.

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