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10 reasons why WordPress can be your choice for making a website or a blog

WordPress is by far the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS).

Among the top reasons WordPress website platform is chosen for is that it’s free. Yes free to install, deploy, and upgrade but needs you put in some time to get the hang of it and like many website owners if you feel you are tech challenged then you can reach out to an agency like us to get the job done. The benefits of hiring an agency to create and host your WordPress website are not just restricted to the saving on time but also that you will get access to expertise like website content writing & SEO services to ensure your website performs as per your expectations.

Here are some more reasons to choose WordPress for your website content management system :

1. It’s a popular CMS. The most popular In fact.

2. It’s Open Source so as the ecosystem grows you get access to most advancements free.

3. Highly customizable. Yeah, add a few plugins and viola! have some cool features live. Add paid plugins and rock it further!

4. It is really designed for anyone & not just developers.

5. Relatively Lower setup and maintenance costs. When you are worried about costs go for WordPress, it might limit you’re a bit but then cuts cost as well.

6. You can build almost all types of websites with WordPress as cms. One Page sites, multiple page sites, e-commerce websites, portfolio websites etc.

7. Offers a much lower cost for website making as compared to custom cms.

8. Integrate your design with WordPress cms – if you are sensitive about design and looks then your design can be custom integrated with WordPress. Cool isn’t it!

9. Better search indexing and a higher probability of ranking on search results. It’s long been known that WordPress websites and blogs have has an edge over other formats when it comes to search engine optimization and ranking.

10. Super integration with almost every service you need for example payment gateways, CRMS tools, accounting suites etc there are plugins and API’s available.

So if you are a Startup looking for your first no-frills website or a small business who needs a small budget website or a business in need of a website in a hurry then WordPress is among your top go-to options. If a WordPress website is on your mind or a low-cost website is what you are looking for them contact our web development team now!

If you already have a WordPress website and need modifications, changes or need an AMC for your WordPress website then contact our website maintenance team.

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