Right Time To Start Working On A Landing Page For Your Brand

The Right Time To Start Working On A Landing Page For Your Brand : Know It All With Us!

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Specifically designed for a marketing campaign, a landing page is created on a website. In other words, the website page users land on after clicking on a link from YouTube, Facebook, Google, or any other social media site or search engine. 

If you want a certain audience to take a single action, then in that case, a dedicated landing page can be more significant. These pages can be used for lead generation or if you are expecting a user to take a single action, like receiving a demo, requesting a webinar, getting a quote, etc. 

A dedicated landing page design is an essential part of any marketing campaign if the marketers want to target qualified leads and capture important contact information. These pages give a better return on investment if you are opting for paid marketing. However, one must be aware of when to use a paid dedicated landing page to get the best results. 

Let’s dive in and discuss in depth the deciding factors of when to get started with a landing page for your brand! 

1. When you want clients to act :  If your customer has visited your dedicated landing page, then it means that they were attracted by your paid ad and consequently clicked on it. Now the landing page needs to give more details, clear the doubts of your audience and convince them to sign up for the offer. It should also provide your audience with various opportunities to take action. You can obtain the user’s contact information with the aid of a good landing page. 

2. Get Customizable landing page :  Paying for a landing page makes it more customizable. This indicates that you can design the page in accordance with the brand guidelines.  So, the content of your landing page must give out a message that aligns with your brand. For example, if your brand uses a sympathetic tone, then your landing page cannot show content with an authoritative tone. 

3. When you want to stand out from your competitors :  The internet is filled with sales and promotions of various brands. In this scenario, having a targeted landing page will always set you apart from your rivals. You also get a chance to impress your customers and highlight the value of your product. If a customer visits your landing page and understands the value of your products, then there is a high chance that he may purchase your product or at least provide his contact information.

4. If you have evergreen content :  If you have evergreen content like an ebook, a case study, etc., which stays relevant for a longer time, then you can use it for your landing page. This content will boost the page views and also increase the organic search landings of it. Consequently, more people will be able to find your content. Moreover, if the content has some value, and is interesting and relevant for many, then there is a high chance that other blogs and websites will refer to it, creating more backlinks. This will also help in generating more page views.  

5. To understand users’ behaviour :  In the case of free landing pages, it becomes very difficult to identify the source of traffic. You may choose a special landing page as a result. It becomes easier to find out which channel is driving more traffic, so more investment can be made in it for better returns. It also provides other information like the number of people who opted for the call to action, the time they spent on the content, etc. This insight helps you to understand if the campaign is working or not. You can also partner with a digital marketing agency to help you achieve all your marketing goals. 

6. Improves UI/UX experience :  The design of the landing page also influences the customer’s behaviour. While designing a landing page, it is important to customise your design based on the kind of users you want to attract. For example, you translate your page for different users, make it more interactive, etc. The overall user experience will be enhanced, which will motivate users to take action.

Thus, we can conclude that having a dedicated landing page will always help to get a better return on investment.

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