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Tepid response to Google’s Helpful Content Update

Recently, Google rolled out its Helpful Content update, which promotes “people-first” content and discourages content written for search engine optimization alone. The release was made on the 25th of August. 

With the launch of this update so far, it has come as a surprise that only 20% of SEOs acknowledged noticing ranking changes after the update. The poll was taken by Aleyda Solis. The update has belied the expectation. 

In response to articles about the launch being quiet and not causing the reaction as expected, Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, said that “It’s also part of a continuing effort, as we’ve explained. We’ll keep refining how it works.” 

The poll results could also be inaccurate as many of them who filled out the poll, could have not understood the context of the Helpful Content update affecting the SEO.

Following are the poll results:

  • 63% said they see nothing so far
  • 16% said they have not checked yet
  • 12% said they saw a negative impact
  • 9% said they saw a positive impact

According to Sullivan’s tweets, he goes on to say the updates don’t necessarily have to mean big changes. He mentions that “If you have good content, then you’re generally fine…”

Even though it has been underplayed, helpful content update is something that SEOs and publishers have to be alert about. 

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