Social Media Tips For Cafeteria/Restaurant Campaign

Social Media Tips For A City Cafeteria/Restaurant Campaign

Did you know that #foodporn, #foodphotography and #yummy have millions of followers?

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If you are a restaurant owner reading this blog, this is your cue to download Instagram, click a photo of your special dish and upload it to the gram using these hashtags. It is possible that this photo will reach thousands, if not millions of followers in a matter of a few minutes. 

What you read above is a glimpse of the power of social media and if you haven’t yet used it to your advantage, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Social media has the capability of unlocking your true potential and rewarding you for it with increased brand awareness.

Social media is free so you do not have to worry about PR costs or other marketing-related expenses. Once you are on social media, you can easily gain access to an audience by posting regularly. You can slowly but surely improve your brand presence in the restaurant industry. By following these social media tips that we have put together for you. 

5 Social Media Tips For A City Cafeteria Campaign 

  1. Promote User-Generated Content (UGC) 

UGC is a form of content where general citizens with no affiliations, create content. For restaurants, this may be seen as earned media. Take for example a group of friends who have come to your restaurant and are clicking pictures within your restaurant and uploading it to social media. This is UGC right here. 

You can promote your restaurant naturally by asking visitors to give their testimonials and uploading them to your page, asking them to tag you in their photos online (in turn for a free drink perhaps?) or asking them about their experience dining at your restaurant. All this will amount to an amazing UGC campaign. 

For UGC to be published or uploaded, all you need to do is make sure they have a good time at your restaurant. Once this happens, you can politely ask them to tag you or give a video byte of their experience. Authentic customer feedback in the form of content is bound to get you closer to your audience. 

  1. Use Multiple Social Media Platforms & Integrate Them 

The idea here is to build a social media ecosystem for your audience so they find you on all or any platform they visit. Doing this will also redirect your followers on one platform to following you on another platform. For example, someone who may be following you on Twitter has a high chance of recognising you on Instagram as well. However, you will need to maintain consistency in your brand name across all platforms if you want to redirect your followers from one social media platform to another.  

Integrating your promotions on all platforms will also help you create a uniform brand identity/personality. This means the content you run on one platform cannot be poles apart from the content on other platforms. This will confuse your audience and keep your credibility at bay. 

As a restaurant brand, your main goal is to attract as many customers as you can. For this, you need to be omnipresent virtually via social media. This means it is important for you to show your presence on as many platforms as you can. 

  1. Influencer Collaborations! 

Influencers on social media are already popular and famous. We can say this because social media influencers easily have thousands and hundreds of thousands of followers. They have worked hard for this fame and you can leverage their follower base to attract customers to your restaurants. 

In most cases, influencers expect monetary benefits if they are going to collaborate with your brand and post on their page on your behalf. But if your restaurant business is new in the city, influencer collaboration is a good idea for branding. One reel on the influencer’s page of them sipping coffee at the cafeteria or their photo with your cafe’s cup will make the influencer’s followers curious enough to try out your brand. 

If you do not know which influencer to reach out to, start by researching food bloggers and food influencers who might resonate the most with your brand. Based on the influencer’s personality, values and interests, make a list. Their contact information is mentioned in their biographies so you do not need to worry about how you can contact them. 

  1. Gamify Content On Social Media 

Gamification is the practice of incorporating game concepts into nongame contexts such as a website, online community, or company intranet in order to boost engagement.

The main element of gamification is reward or benefit. You may use it as a promotional technique or use it to increase engagement on your media page. 

For example, post a reel and ask your audience to count the number of times a coffee cup appeared on the screen (and make it challenging yet fun). Mention that the first 10 people to comment the correct number will get the cafe’s signature coffee for free! 

This way you are not just attracting customers to your cafeteria through gamified content but also increasing online engagement. 

  1. Post Original Content On Instagram

There are approximately 1.3 billion active users on Instagram. It is a massive ocean of individuals, brands and large organisations from all parts of the world. Therefore, your restaurant has a great opportunity to reach out to people located in the city and promote your brand locally as well. One way to do this is by posting original content. 

Instagram’s latest algorithm will prioritise original content and this means simply re-sharing or following trends on social media will not give you the kind of fame you seek. Promoting original content means coming up with your own ideas, starting your own trends and embracing your uniqueness. 

These 5 social media tips for your cafeteria campaign will guarantee you popularity and bring in new visitors to your cafe every day. 

Here’s a pro tip after you have followed the above-mentioned tips diligently: Next time a visitor comes to your cafe, ask them how they found out about you. The results will surprise you! 
We hope these tips help you increase your audience reach on social media platforms. Good luck! 

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