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Search On: Google Introduces Brand New Features


Google is consistently improving itself and can almost be called a ‘human’ for the way it keeps evolving. The search platform has been the go-to internet gateway for a majority of users and with good reason. 

The search engine giant strives to update its features to match the expectations of its users and delights them every now and then. This time, it has delighted its users by aiming to make search more natural and intuitive. In its most recent announcement during the Search On annual event, Google introduces 9 new features for Android & iOS users. 

This year’s theme for the annual event was ‘search outside the box’ and introduced features for Google maps, Google shopping, and Google search. Moreover, it has also brought in more options for users to choose sustainability.  

Google Maps Features 

The maps will carry features that support immersive and visual experiences for the users with the following features: 

Neighbourhood Vibe 

With the use of images and data from the Google Maps community, the new feature aims to enable users to see any neighbourhood’s feel in an instant. In an instant, Neighbourhood Vibe identifies hip spots that emphasise the unique aspects of a given neighbourhood.

Immersive View 

Users will soon be able to watch photorealistic aerial views of up to 250 significant international landmarks, including the CN Tower, the Eiffel Tower, the Tokyo Tower, and more. You may get a better sense of the landmark’s surroundings by viewing it from above, which makes it simple for you to decide if you want to go there or not.

Google Search 

For a genuine and typical Google search, here are the following features that users can enjoy: 


Users can take pictures of items like food, supplies, clothing, and more and add the word “near me” in the Google app to get search results highlighting nearby establishments, eateries, or merchants that sell that particular item.

Lens Translate 

With no distortion, Google Lens can interpret the text and reintegrate it into the backdrop image, maintaining the image’s natural appearance. Later this year, “Lens AR translate” will become available worldwide. Google claims that translations performed with Google Lens are used in more than 100 languages on average one billion times each month. The way the function initially operated was to translate the text on a picture and add it as additional text on top of the image. 

Google Shopping 

Waiting for Web 3.0 to rear its head? These new features seem like we pacing towards Web 3.0 at lightning speed. 

3D Shopping (Shoes)

It is now possible to automate 360-degree spins of shoes using only a small number of images, basically the ones that are already on the website of the retailer. This enables visitors to explore shoes in a 3D perspective regardless of the page that offers the option. Beginning in early 2023, this functionality will be accessible through Google Shopping in the US.

Use The Word ‘Shop’ 

You may now view a visual feed that includes goods, research tools, and nearby inventory by beginning your search with “shop” and the item you’re looking for. The purchasing experience now goes beyond clothes with this update. It is now accessible on mobile in all categories. 

Eco-Friendly Routing 

According to Google, app developers will soon have the option to enable Maps’ environmentally friendly routing. Drivers may view and select the best fuel-efficient route to their destinations with Google Maps’ eco-friendly routing. With this development, businesses from many sectors, including delivery services and ride-hailing companies, will have the option to select environmentally friendly routing in the apps and track fuel efficiency gains. Google says that in order to obtain the most precise fuel or energy efficiency estimations, developers will also be able to choose an engine type.

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