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Personal Stories Shelf is Youtube’s solution to well-being and solace


YouTube began recommending personal stories of patients to users who searched for health-related search phrases. This is part of YouTube’s updated response to search queries featuring health-related keywords. 

According to YouTube, people do not use the video-sharing platform to search for health questions. Instead, they leverage the site to get answers to their human questions like “how to overcome the condition?”. When they analyzed the search patterns, they found a unique tendency among searchers to find the stories of people with the same health condition and how they manage it. YouTube spreads out several research articles to back its endeavour. YouTube believes the searchers’ affinity to establishing such social connections and peer support with people will positively impact their mental and physical well-being. 

YouTube Personal Stories Shelf

YouTube will release the personal stories shelf feature in the search results to serve the content. This option will return a carousel of videos featuring individuals/ patients sharing personal narratives about the condition. Currently, the personal stories shelf appears amongst other search results. 

For a video to get featured on the shelf, it has to be about a real-life experience relevant to a specific mental or physical health condition. Video content categorize as promotional and the ones with the potential to spread misinformation will not be part of the shelf. For the time being, the personal stories shelf will focus only on serving content related to most searched ailments like cancer, depression, and anxiety. Presently, the shelf feature is only available to US users and will reach more countries with diverse query types soon. 

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