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Out Now! Top 3 WordPress Review Plugins


Webmasters are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a plugin for the WordPress CMS. According to WordPress, there are more than 60,000 plugins available (both free and paid), that one can use to improve and manage content for the website. The same can be said when it comes to WordPress review plugins. 

The issue of whether to post reviews on your website at all is, of course, another consideration. For a number of reasons, I advise using customer testimonials or reviews if you sell goods or services. Even Google’s new updates agree that product reviews that are unique and informational can improve the visibility of your products and services online. So if you are thinking of adding a review plugin to your WordPress website or thinking of a WordPress plugin update, now is the time. 

The best way to add reviews to WordPress is by using review plugins unless you wish to develop a review module directly into the code. The ideal WordPress review plugin would seamlessly integrate reviews into the pages of your website and offer sufficient customisation to go with your branding and preferences.

Before I disclose the top WordPress review plugins for your website, let us first understand the importance of having this plugin and if it’s worth it to actually add it to your website. 

What Are The Benefits Of WordPress Review Plugins? 


The biggest advantage of posting client evaluations is that they facilitate purchases for your visitors. Almost nine out of ten customers, according to Trustpilot, read product reviews before making an online purchase. These customers want to be certain that they’re selecting the right product, thus, a review plugin and ratings create legitimacy, allowing them to feel more at ease and go to the checkout.

Online reviews also have several other significant benefits, such as:

  • What customers are saying about your product might give you insight into their expectations. Utilize this direct criticism to enhance your brand and product.
  • Increased engagement: Customers are more likely to complete a purchase when they spend more time exploring and interacting with your website. Users can read reviews in addition to other types of material, and this higher user involvement can boost conversions.
  • Reviews are a significant source of social proof. A buyer considering making a purchase will give a lot of credence to numerous good evaluations.

Ask a website design agency for the best WordPress review plugin if you are unable to understand which plugin will work best for your business. 

Let us now look at the best top plugins for reviews on WordPress. 

WP Customer Review 

Customer Review

Well, this one was pretty obvious. But, with good reason. 

This is a free WordPress review plugin that requires webmasters to have basic HTML & CSS knowledge. An all-in-one solution for gathering, approving, and publishing reviews on your WordPress site is WP Customer Reviews. This template can also be altered, but you’ll need some knowledge of HTML and CSS to do so. Why? Because, unlike other plugins, WP Customer Reviews only provides an external stylesheet instead of adding customization options in your WordPress dashboard.

You may build up a straightforward form using this plugin so visitors can leave reviews on the front end of your website. You may either make it mandatory for people to provide their name, email, and any other details along with their evaluation, or you can just make those sections optional.

You can read reviews that have been submitted on the front end of your dashboard and decide whether to publish them or make them private. 

WP Rich Snippets 

Another premium plugin that lets you add reviews to your website and produce rich snippets for SERPs is WP Rich Snippets. Ask your digital marketing agency how you can use these Rich Snippet plugins and integrate the reviews from different sources. 

You can choose the look, nature, and quantity of reviews to show in the sidebar of your website with the WP Rich Snippets widget. Additionally, you can attach a thumbnail image, show just a portion of the review, and arrange them in the order of highest ratings.

You can choose an article, review, product, company, restaurant, or software application for snippets, which can make your post easier for search engines to understand and raise the likelihood that it will rank. Additionally, you can choose the rating method from among star ratings, percentages, votes, aggregate ratings, or none if you don’t want to include any ratings at all.

Site Reviews 

A straightforward plugin called Site Reviews enables users to rate your website from 1 to 5 stars. Then, you may show these reviews in a variety of formats, such as schema markup for Google’s rich snippets. This is one the more popular plugins out there and is pretty easy to maintain if you outsource website maintenance services for your website. 

Either allow users to rate your website as a whole or let them offer reviews of certain articles, pages, goods, and more. For instance, you might use Site Reviews to enable users to contribute their own review ratings if you write your own review of a specific product.

You can use specialised editing blocks or shortcodes to add the front-end review forms. To display your forms, you may also use blocks or shortcodes.

You may easily build review posts and rich snippets using any of the plugins for reviews that were discussed above. By doing so, you’ll be able to gain the trust of potential clients and improve your SERP positioning. Once you’ve used these methods to get visitors to your website, you can use features like live chat on website and contact forms to try to convert them.

All the best! 

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