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Must-Have Online Media Channels For Your Small Business

Congratulations! Your product was discovered by your target audience in a physical store. But… unfortunately, they failed to purchase your product. Why? Because the prospect couldn’t find any information about your brand online. 

Now, with users immediately turning to the internet to find information and clarify doubts, it’s become imperative for businesses to provide answers through the same media channels that the target audience uses. It’s 2022 and high time your team realises that online marketing is an overarching activity that helps your business achieve its goals. 

If your small business is new to the market and you are scratching your head trying to figure out which online media channels will truly benefit your business, you’ll find a definite answer by the end of this article, so read along.

Social Media Is Great, But Which Ones? 

Branding through social media platforms that are appropriate for your business is similar to choosing an outfit for an occasion. Could you wear your summer shorts to a board meeting? Imagine wearing a suit and tie to the beach! None of those combinations will work if you don’t know which occasion you are dressing for. 

Having a presence on the appropriate social media platforms works in a similar ‘fashion.’ You want to increase your brand’s presence and visibility on a platform that meets your business’s voice and tone. 

Take Instagram and LinkedIn for example. 


Instagram is known for its user-generated, informal, bite-sized content that gives creators a lot of creative freedom. Moreover, according to social media statistics for 2022, Instagram has a majority audience between the ages of 18 to 35 that values entertainment and engagement over information. 

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a maverick for business-to-business (B2B) communication, as it has a majority of the working population. LinkedIn users value information and engagement over entertainment. 

There are a plethora of social media platforms that your business can use for marketing purposes. However, before investing your time and effort into creating content for your business, research the type of content that will flourish on the channel. Make sure that your brand creates content that users of the particular channel will find engaging because content that works on one social media platform will not work on the other. 

PPC & Video Advertising 


While marketing your business, your goal should be to become a brand that is on the top of that target audience’s mind. This means, your aim is to be the first brand a prospect thinks of when they are searching for a product or a service. 

Achieving this is possible even without advertising but this mode of communication is highly effective when leveraged in balance. Now, advertisements are infamous for being pushy but it does not have to be. If you source customer data and use this data for targeted advertising, you have the capability of reaching the right audience at the right time without having to bombard them with irrelevant information. 

Most businesses that are new to digital marketing are unaware of how they can manage their ad campaign for effective communication. Google ads management services are a great way to get started with advertising for your business. 

Partnership Marketing 


If you are a new business, you might not have an extensive budget to shell out for marketing. You can take a cost-effective route and partner or collaborate with a complementary business that shares the same target audience. 

Some examples of partnership marketing include Uber and London Dairy, Uber and Paytm, Swiggy and Game Of Thrones, etc. 

These are some instances of this type of marketing:

  • Co-hosting occasions
  • Partnerships for referrals
  • Resale agreements
  • Partnerships for product distribution, such as adding a partner’s goods to your gift bundles or packages. 
  • Collaborative creations 
  • Sponsorships
  • Charitable collaborations

Website Content 


Having a well-optimised website with valuable and unique content works wonders for businesses, especially if they are new to the market. This is because if you are new, you might not be able to convince influencers to market your product or might not have the capital to invest in PR. 

Imagine being present on the retail shelf but not on Google’s search engine result pages! With content that is optimised for the search engine, prospects can find your brand online and this is bound to increase their trust in you, especially if you are a new player in the market. 

However, while writing content, be sure to follow the latest SEO guidelines that clearly state that businesses publishing content should first keep the humans in mind and then optimise it to be found by the search engine. 

If you are unsure of how you can optimise your content for the search engine, take the help of an SEO agency to help you in getting your website to the top of the result pages. 

Build A Community 


One of the most effective marketing techniques is creating a community around a business. 

A collection of people who join together because of their ties to a product or brand is known as a brand community. Ideally, these people are your consumers and target markets.

There are several social media platforms such as Reddit, Quora, Twitch, and LinkedIn that encourage brands in community building. Take brands that used Twitch for marketing as an example. So many big and small brands use the platform not just for generating leads but encouraging the growth of communities that share similar interests and values. This went a long way for those brands that invested their energies in community-building activities on the platform. 

Building a community requires a lot of diligence and hard work. It may take away from the time you spend on other aspects of your business. Therefore, take the help of a social media marketing agency to build a community for your brand. 

This list of must-have marketing channels for your new business is a great starting point to build communication with your target audience. The media channels you leverage will highly depend on the type of business or brand you run. Therefore it is important that you first understand what your business needs and then explore the types of media channels that can help you meet your business needs. 

All the best! 

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