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How to make money from your website or blog easily with Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a program for bloggers and website owners to monetize their website by placing ads on their web pages from the Google AdWords search & display network. If you want to do blogging for money, then this article help you get there.

Google Adwords now Google Ads is the leading advertising platform on the internet that allows an advertiser to target ads (text, images, videos) based on the search keyword, website content, topics etc which can be further targeted by geography, age gender etc. Google Display Network (GDN) allows advertisers to place ads (Image / Flash/videos) on websites/portals who are part of this network. Apart from google search results pages, the ads are placed on websites which are a part of the Google Adsense network. Google Adsense is google network advertising program which allows a website owner (publisher) to accept ads from Google. Thus when a publisher adds Google Adsense ads to his website he earns from the advertisers who use Google ad platforms. In layman terms adding Adsense code to your website is like selling advertisement space on your website to the Google network who in turn will sell ads to advertisers, thus saving your time and money. Money can be made by doing blogging and incorporating Adsense to your website.

The best part about Google Adsense is that it is one of the best and the easiest way of doing blogging to make money. To start with Adsense one needs to register with Google Adsense & then set up ads for each page on the website. Ads come in various formats and you have the liberty of choosing the ad types based on page content. For these ads to show you need to install an ad code on your website which is generated from the Adsense account.

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