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Instagram reels and all that’s possible with them!

Instagram is flooded with reels as it has become the number one source for entertainment among people. Despite the fact it was called tiktok’s copy, the audience didn’t take much time to embrace the feature. Let us see review the numbers that determine ( the positive impact today’s fast trending Instagram reels bring to a business:

  • Every Louis Vuitton reel receives an average of 7 million views
  • Each sephora reel receives 453,000 views on average.

Businesses must understand Instagram’s potential and maximise its use because a sizable audience uses it for fun and business objectives.

A little gist about reels:

The Instagram feature reel facilitates the creation of 15- to 1-minute-long short videos. 

You can remix and add effects to your short videos in addition to just filming them. We are now being fed with an enormous load of content in the form of videos, infographics, gifts or blogs on our daily basis. Even on our Instagram feed, we can observe majorly three types of reels, including:

  • Educational reels:

These reels are meant to raise awareness of a good or service you want to market. 

An informative reel discusses the advantages of a healthy diet or the advantages of drinking green juice.

  • Entertainment reels:

The only purpose of these reels is to entertain people. It can be a video of people dancing, singing or simply a funny video. 

  • Remix reels:

This is one of the features that we have seen in older tik tok videos. Remixing one’s reel means you can add your video on the side of someone else’s video. 

Why should you use reels for your brand?

Like all aspects of social media marketing, there are several advantages to adopting reels, from increased brand awareness to greater ROI. Let’s examine why you should use reels in your marketing approach in more detail.

  • Increase brand recognition: Reels are a terrific way to raise your brand’s reach. 

A study performed by Microsoft found that people have an attention span of 8 seconds on average. 

Instagram reels are a fantastic technique to grab people’s attention and promote awareness.

  • Increase engagement through authentic content:

Reels are a quick way to improve your user’s engagement. They help in hooking your users to your content. 

  • Caters multiple creative possibilities:

Reels provide you with a variety of ways to market your business and exhibit your goods and services. There are endless opportunities to create a video like you can create video for your brand’s introduction or a bts for the goods you manufacture.

  • Time-saving: Once you master the feature, you can quickly generate videos in a matter of 5–15 minutes. Instagram offers you a variety of filters and effects to add interest and appeal to your video.
  • Partnership: One of the best ways to promote your company is through collaboration with influencers to create reels. There are numerous ways to approach this strategy. One most commonly practised method would be to partner up with a digital marketing agency who’s team will help you carry this out efficiently especially if this is your first time!
Social media marketing

To promote your company effectively, look for influencers in your industry domain. 

While promoting your brand with influencers in the same industry, you will increase its exposure.

Brands like Netwflix, Sephors, Walmart use instagram reels to promote their product/service. There are various methods to  use instagram reels for promoting your brand like:

  • It helps in showcasing your products 
  • You can show and explain the process of production 
  • Introduce your brand and mission 
  • Tell exclusive facts about your brand 
  • Showing your work culture and environment 

You must create high-quality reels to promote your company to work with Instagram’s algorithms as well. They assist you in enhancing audience engagement and enhancing your Instagram stats.

Instagram marketing to its utmost potential is crucial in effectively promoting your company. If you use the available tools wisely, Instagram reels can help your reach amplify. 

Create distinctive and captivating reels to stand out from the competition in the fiercely competitive industry.

Good luck!

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