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Why your website needs a blog

Blogging is in trend these days. Most successful websites are using blogs and News-Posts and updating them constantly. So one might wonder, Why do people put in so much hassle and work into maintaining a blog when it is not even necessary? The answer is Simple. Blogging is the answer to the frequently asked Question how to increase a website’s traffic ?

Here are some reasons why your Website needs a Blog:

A blog gives you content to share on social media

Having a sound Social Media activity and being present on all social media platforms is a big part of every Digital Marketing strategy. With the help of a blog, you can keep your customers engaged and build your presence online. When a blog is shared on social Media it drives the traffic back to your website.

A blog increases your SEO performance

Yes, A blog can really increase your SEO performance. A blog can increase traffic on your website, hence increasing your website’s search engine ranking. Google these days appreciate websites which are robust and are updated constantly. A blog shows search engines that your website is alive and running constantly. This gives you an edge in the Search results also.

A blog can educate your customers

A blog gives you a medium through which you can communicate with your customers and educate them. You can do this by posting the content that your customers might be unaware of. You can also share some information and facts about your industry and your customer will remember you for it. Educating your customer can really help your business in a long run.

Develop relationships with your customers

When you will be interacting with your customers regularly, you can deepen your relationships with your customers. They can know you from the comfort of their homes. Your can reply to their comments. All this has a huge impact on your business.

We hope that you know by now that why blogging is important for your website.

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