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How to rank on Top of Local Search Results? 9 Tips to improve your Local Business Listing

Google today, is virtually the answer to every question we might have. In our day to day lives if we have any doubt or question the first thing we do is type on Google and search and it has turned into an unconscious habit. This presents a unique opportunity for business – an easy way to find more customers from Google Search. We all know that search engine optimization is becoming important for every business to generate low-cost business leads. It does not matter if your business is small or large, you need to be present on Google today to grow. Your presence on google search will attract potential customers to your business for fulfilling their needs.

Yes, there are many ways with which you can increase your business visibility locally on Google. Locally refers to the listing on google local search results or when a user searches for a service provider locally which is in the location of the buyer or nearby. For example, a generic search would be ‘content writing agency in Mumbai’, whereas a more specific local search would be ‘content writing agency in Kandivali’.

Now that you are here, it will take you less than 10 minutes to know the tips to get your business more visibility on Google local search:-

1- Create Professional Business Website:  As a business owner in the generation on digital and social media habits this needs to be your first step to ensure more people find your business easily and also to gain visibility on Google. Majority of consumers go online and start searching for local businesses as it is an inherent human need to solve a problem or fill a need immediately. One of the key attributes of e-commerce success is the ability to get products to consumers doorstep and fast. So get a professionally designed business website and start the growth of your online presence. You can create your website by hiring a web design agency and you have been told that you can do it too then you should check out how do-it-yourself websites do not work for all business. Your Google Local SEO will work better when you have a user-friendly website with the right kind of website SEO implemented. Remember, more than 70% of people take the decision to contact the business when they are impressed by the website design & its user-friendliness.

2. Mobile Friendly Website: Ask yourself, how many times you have searched for a business on a desktop? Today almost everyone has moved from desktop to mobile for the purpose of using the internet. Since the number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially, it is really important to make a website is easy to browse on mobile and reduce the time taken to find the product/service. So what you are looking for is a Responsive website design and development company who can give you a website that has the right impression on the visitors.

3. Good Quality Content: It is really important to have original content on the website for better search result rankings. Also if you can update the content on your business website on a regular basis you will see better results. Search Engines love websites with frequent updates which have high potential to result in traffic. Also with the help of more content, the chances of business get ranked on multiple keywords increases which again results in driving more and more customers on your website. So, here the tip is to write relevant content which is more localized in nature. If you don’t have the time then you can hire a content writer or contact a content writing agency.

4. Importance of NAP and Google Map: NAP stands for Name, Address, and place. NAP is one of the most critical factors when you want your business to be visible locally on Google. The correct information of your business mentioned on your website, social platforms and other business directories helps build authenticity in the eyes of search engines and that gives you a boost.

5. Google My Business: What is this google my business you might ask? It is important and free to use a tool by Google to help businesses manage their online presence on Google Search which is very crucial for Google local business listing. A Google My Business account makes it very easy for the customer to get the complete information of your business including your contact number, hours of operation and direction etc. Google My business also allows users to review your business and the experience and this influences customer decision of buying a product or service. As a standard process Google will review your business with a code they send to your address and that adds to your credibility.

6. List Your Website on Business Directories: You want prospective customers to find your business isn’t it! The way to be found is to be present on more than one place online so that people can find you when they are looking for similar services too. Now, how do you do that? Simple, the answer is business directories like a just dial or an ask me. There are plenty of online business directories where you can list your business for free. Submit valid NAP on these business listing websites and see your local search presence impacted positively.

7. Encourage Reviews / Testimonials: The number of genuine customer reviews helps you to build the credibility of your business in the minds of your customers. With reviews on google my business considered by most of the customers as important, you must have to encourage your clients to write reviews on google my business & social media.

8. Optimize Your Website For Nearby Search Terms: Think like a consumer. What will some search for when looking for a product or service? Include such words as ‘nearby’ and ‘near me’ words in your SEO. In recent research, it is found that the search queries with words like “Near me” and “nearby” have increased. Add Schema markups to get one up on your competition.

9. Social Media Strategy: Social media is now a part of daily life and has an important role. Be present on social media. If you don’t have the expertise contact a ‘social media marketing agency’ and get started.  Provide you NAP details on your Facebook page and other social platform and it will help your business to grow locally.

Happy Ranking!

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