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How To Link Google Analytics To Your WordPress Website?

Want insights into your WordPress website? Use Google Analytics! 

That seems rather obvious but that’s not what we are suggesting. 

You don’t have to shift between the two platforms to gain valuable insights into your website performance if you integrate the two! includes analytics tracking and reporting that provide you with a rapid, high-level overview of the visitors to your site. To make the numbers easier to understand, visitor activity is displayed alongside recent posts, likes, and comments.

Advanced tools in Google Analytics are available to supplement metrics. Goal conversion allows you to measure how visitors perform certain tasks, while funnel reports help you track the journey visitors travel through your site (such as reaching a product page or contact form). 

But link your Google Analytics to your WordPress using an eligible plan to get the best of both worlds! 

How To Link Google Analytics To WordPress 

→ The first thing you need to do is set up your free Google Analytics account.

→ A Gmail account sign-in screen will appear. You will be logged in after you have done that.

→ Select the “Start Measuring” button. 

→ You can make a new account under your current Google account if you have already utilised Google Analytics with other websites. Create a new profile for the website you wish to integrate Google Analytics with by clicking Admin in your Google Analytics account, followed by clicking Create Account. 

→ For your new Google Analytics account, be sure to enter an “Account Name.” Under “Account Data Sharing Settings,” you will see a few data sharing options. The four Data Sharing options are all chosen by default. To decide whether you want to opt-out, read the description for each setting. Click Next when you are prepared.

→ You will not be taken to the property set up page.

→ The following information should be entered on the Property Setup screen:

  • Enter a name for your property here, such as the name of your website.
  • Select the time zone in which you want your website’s reporting to take place.
  • Currency: Select the local currency for the area where you typically conduct business.

→ Click on create and agree to the terms and conditions. 

→ Select Web, then type the domain of your website. Make sure https:// is still chosen. Click Create Stream after entering something in the Stream Name field (again, this might be the title of your website).

→ You will see this screen, which gives you your measurement ID, after carrying out the procedures in the preceding section. Copy the measurement ID. 

→ On your WordPress, go to Tools → Marketing → Traffic. 

→ In the “Google Analytics Measurement ID” field, paste the complete ID that you copied from the Google Analytics website. Your website will be linked to Google Analytics and begin delivering data to Google after you click “Save Settings.”

If you don’t want to follow these steps, there are also third-party WordPress plugins that you can use to link your Google Analytics to your WordPress. 

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