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Hiring a Web Design Agency vs DIY WordPress website creation

Hiring a Web Design Agency vs DIY WordPress website creation

In this digital world, it is very important for every brick and mortar business to have its presence in the digital medium. While there are various social media platforms available to increase brand visibility without a website, the most important platform for wholesome customer acquisition and engagement is the website. Having your own business website is important because you can showcase your product or services to your audience in detail and have a content which satisfies all types of queries from any place at any time. This also adds to your business a reputation in the market.

Ways to create your own website: There are many different ways you can make a website for your business but broadly there are 2 approaches,

1- You can hire a professional website designer or a web design and development agency to make a very user-friendly and consumer savvy website. OR

2- You can use some DIY (Do it yourself) platforms which help you to create the website on your own. Some DIY options available in the market are WordPress, Squarespace & Wix.

Now the question arises if you can create a website on your own, then why to hire any professional web design company which will cost you extra?? Sure, that is a valid question but then let us help you make an informed decision about choosing between a web design agency and going DIY.

1- You can create your own site using DIY WordPress or any similar platform. It is very simple if you are computer and internet savvy and thus can be termed as economical. But are you tech savvy is the question to be asked?

While when you hire some professional website design company, you need not to be worried about the prior experience about the platform or the way the system works. The web design agency has the clients best interest in mind while delivering a website and will always help you with the best solutions to make your website user-friendly.

2- DIY WordPress is always a cheaper option as compared to hiring a professional. But is it really. Imagine the amount of time you will have to invest A. to figure out how it works and B. to gather information about what not to have on a website to ensure high levels of SEO hygiene.  Imagine if you invested that amount of time in your business activities what would be the outcome. You are good at your business and so is the web design agency good at its work.

3- If you hire a professional web development company you are free to express your needs about design and style for your website. A design agency has a lot more ideas and expertise in the area of web design so this gives you flexibility and reduces the burden of having to learn web design in a way as required in the DIY approach. For example take WordPress you need to install a theme, set up the same, then customize the theme to your needs and then find plugins try and test them, set up ReCaptcha, analytics, webmaster, on-page SEO and so on. All these are not your problem when you assign the job to a professional web designer.

4- let’s take the case of additional functionality – In WordPress, if you want to add some extra functionality you can do that through plugins but you need to find the correct one and try it before being sure. On the other hand when you hire web design agency they can do this in a jiffy and yes they will charge you for their time, effort and expertise but compare that to the amount of time you will have to invest.

5- As a newbie or startup business you might find WordPress or Wix more compatible for your website design needs. You will have to compromise a little on features and functionalities but as a new business, the trade-off is not a bad one. Once you have a business which is earning you decent revenue call web design experts like us. Established businesses must hire web design professionals as they will be able to provide the business with a website which will add to the growth of the company.

6- The key reasons to hire a professional web design agency is that is that you can get the support not just for building a website with the best UI/UX but also for SEO friendliness, page speed etc . While if you chose to do it on your own you can only do the designing of the site fairly but you will find yourself short of doing  technical task that will need you to spend much time researching.

When the time comes to choose between DIY WordPress website creation vs. professional website creation then consider your circumstances and then take a decision. Maybe with hiring a professional, the time involved in the initial stage of website creation is greater than DIY website creation but your business will get a good visual presentation. But in the long run DIY created website will keep giving the feeling of having a website full of compromises, perform poorly on search results and so on,  Hope the above points help you understand why it is advisable to hire professional rather than going with a DIY creation as your web design option for your business presence online.

Making a mobile friendly responsive website for your business today is a must and a very important starting point for business growth so do not ignore this need and whatever your approach be, make sure you have a business website.

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