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Google’s Product & Core Updates Finally Roll Out


It’s finally here! We have all been holding our breaths to see when Google rolls out its core updates as well as product review updates that it has been talking about since the start of 2022. 

As of 26th September 2022, Google silently announced on its Search Central that the core update and product review rollout is finally complete for English languages. 

If you missed out on these updates, you can find them here: 

Google had recently announced that the roll-out is not complete yet but digital marketers, webmasters and SEO specialists can now rely on the rollout to measure their performance on Google starting 26th September 2022. 

Although the initial rollout only applies to “English-language product assessments,” Google warned that in the future, this change “may apply to consumers who produce product reviews in any language.” In the past, this change had “positive repercussions,” according to Google, and in the future, it “plans to open up product review support for other languages.”

What Are The Next Steps? 

All search results are subject to Google’s fundamental modifications, which have the potential to impact whole websites. 

When recovering from a significant core algorithm upgrade, Google’s John Mueller advises concentrating on strengthening the content of your website rather than carrying out technical fixes. 

If your site’s rating declines after a major change, Google may believe your site is no longer relevant for the search terms it is aiming to rank for. If your site rankings drop without penalty, don’t wonder if it’s a soft penalty of sorts. According to Google, there may be other reasons why your website ranking dropped without a penalty. 

By concentrating on technical improvements and ignoring the on-page content, it’s unlikely that you can increase the relevance of your website.

If your website posts product reviews, a drop in the product pages may be a result of not following the recent updates in the product review algorithm as mentioned above. But apart from that, Google does not seem to give any specific suggestions. Therefore, it may be wise to wait it out before you see a significant impact on your product reviews. 

Stay tuned as we uncover and share with you the effects of this rollout in the near future. 

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