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Google’s New Update Will Let Users Add Custom Dimensions In GA4 Reports


Google Analytics is launching a refresh that will let users incorporate custom dimensions and metrics into G4 reports. Google is making changes to the G4 custom report builder with the option to add metrics and dimensions that are vital to businesses. Google informed users about the new update via the official Google Analytics changelog, and according to the search engine giant:

“You can now add custom dimensions and metrics to your custom reports as primary dimensions, enabling you to more easily report on custom information that’s important to your business. Additionally, the dimensions and metrics pickers in the Reports Builder have been updated to allow for easier navigation to help you find dimensions and metrics quickly.”

Google used a use case scenario to explain its latest move to enhance the experience with the Google Analytics tool. The contextual example provided by Google demonstrates how users can add metrics such as article length that give publishers the option to combine the data obtained from Google Analytics and the one gathered from an outside source. The update will allow users to include any custom metrics and dimensions in G4 reports already defined in their Google Analytics property. 

Before the update, this feature was limited only to users leveraging Google Analytics reports.

Read further to know how to include custom metrics and dimensions in a report for G4 properties. 

How To Incorporate Custom Metrics And Dimension In GA4 Reports

Firstly, you have to go to the Google Analytics report builder. From there, tap the customise report option ( the button resembling a pencil) in the top right edge of any report, or tap on the Library option in the left navigation menu. 

In the next step, scroll down to the reports table, tap + Create new report option and opt for the Create detail report option. The report builder will be displayed on the screen upon tapping the Make a copy (or Edit) option from the drop-down menu. 

There, you will see an area named the Report Data section. It is in this section that you set the metrics and dimensions that you will see in the report table. Users can select from default and custom metrics and dimensions in the report. 

If you need a detailed look at the update, read this document published by Google on November 3 2022.

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