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Google’s New Search Console Merchant Listing

Did you know about Google’s Merchant Center that helps you enter information about your store and products into Google and make it accessible to users throughout Google? Customers may therefore find out everything about your businesses and goods when they conduct a search on a Google property. 

But Google has managed to delight its users once more! It’s introduced something new that will transform the shopping experiences in Google Search. 

Google released new Google Search Console reports, increased the eligibility for merchant listing experiences, and included more structured data characteristics. Only users of the Merchant Center could previously access these improved product experiences. By upgrading our documentation and reporting in Search Console, we’re also making it simpler to comprehend the needs for these experiences.

The New Eligibility For Merchant Listings 

Google has been offering shoppers enhanced product experiences in search results for a while. Recently, Google has increased the eligibility for websites that use structured data in order to give website owners more access to these experiences. 

There are two major sorts of experiences for website owners: 

  • Experiences with merchant listings for websites that let users purchase products.
  • Product snippets for a broader range of websites that provide product information (such as those that sell products, publish product reviews, or compile data from other websites).

Initially, served as the main source of power for product snippets in Google search results. The product information provided via a Google Merchant Center feed served as the main source of power for product structured data and merchant listing experiences. 

Now, businesses without Google Merchant Center accounts that provide product data on websites can qualify for merchant listing opportunities. Recent improvements to product-related attributes and types in for topics like clothes sizing and energy efficiency ratings have contributed to this increased eligibility.

To help websites take advantage of these experiences, the new reports search console presents the following: 

The new reports that are viewable within Search Console are:

Merchant listings report

Merchants that sell products should use the merchant listing report. This report shows structured data issues related to free listing experiences.

Product snippets report


Sites that publish product reviews or don’t sell products but use product-structured data should use this report.

This report shows structured data problems related to product snippets in search.

The product snippets report absorbs the old product structured data report. The data from the old report is now available within this new report.

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