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Google’s Audio Ads Is Now All-Inclusive


Google seems to have lifted the audio ad restrictions it imposed on specific product categories. The option, initially created by Google to reach users streaming categories like YouTube music and YouTube podcast, will now be available for all advertisers. By doing so, Google wants to make sure everyone from the advertisement fraternity gets to run ads on music and podcast videos on YouTube. Earlier, only a section of advertisers was allowed to incorporate their marketing and promotional ads. 

The new rollout means Google is opening the doors of inclusiveness to businesses that want to showcase their products and services when people visit YouTube. In addition, Google also included novel targeting features in audio ads to help advertisers specifically reach their podcast listeners. The announcement about the update, plus many other improvements to YouTube advertising came during Advertising Week New York. 

Keep reading to understand what those new features are. 

Broad availability of Google Audio Ads 

Edison Research’s data found YouTube as the second most popular source of podcast for listeners. Google’s new move will help them tap the potential of everyone wishing to advertise on the platform. The refreshment lets advertisers serve such ads even to the listeners of YouTube music. The video-sharing platform also allows advertisers to filter their audiences. From now on, advertisers can limit targeting options to podcast listeners if they are their target group.

Remaining improvements to YouTube ads

The “eventful” Moment Blast

YouTube will roll out a new “ Moment Blast” to help advertisers reach viewers and listeners during special occasions like movie releases, live sporting events, product launches, and many more. According to Google, 

“Moment Blast gives advertisers prime positioning on YouTube Select content on connected TVs (CTV) and other devices, plus a Branded Title Card and optional Masthead placement.”

Discovery ads featuring product feeds

Another good news for advertisers comes in the form of Google letting existing product feeds feature in Discover ads. Usually, Discovery ads appear above the YouTube search results, home page ( in YouTube mobile app), suggested video section, etc. Before, advertisers were able to redirect users to lead forms, landing pages, and YouTube videos. After the new refresh, they can send them to even product pages. 

You will get more details about product feeds in discovery ads as YouTube hosts a YouTube Shopping holiday event this November. This guide from Search Engine Journal’s Brook Osmundson includes everything about the update and ways to create audio ads. 

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