Google’s Core Web Vitals Update Is A Gamechanger

Google’s Core Web Vitals Update Is A Gamechanger For Webmasters

Google's Core Web Vitals Update 2022

What is the new core web vitals update? 

Before the latest Core Web Vital Update (CWV), Google’s search console provided an aggregate score based on groups of URLs. With the new update, we get more data which helps us improve user experience. 

What changed? 

Webmasters and website development agencies can now work with more granular data to identify and work on “poor” performing URLs. This data will be available in updated reports on CWV available on the Google Search Console. 

This report will disclose scores of specific URLs (instead of aggregate) so that you know where to focus if your URL scores “need improvement.”.

An Example Of How It Works 

When you click on a URL group in the Search Console report, a new panel with URL-level data appears on the right side. Just like the image below:

core web vitals dashboard
Source: Twitter

This example illustrates someone looking into CLS scores that “need improvement”. They can view the particular URLs that require attention by clicking on a group of URLs in the report. The report also reveals which URLs in the sample got “excellent” CLS scores (those in green). 

Three metrics—LCP (largest contentful paint), FID (first input delay), and CLS (cumulative layout shift)—as determined by actual user data form the basis of the report. The URL group’s status is its worst performing metric once a URL has a threshold amount of data for any metric. Therefore, the URL status is “bad” if a URL group has poor CLS but good FID.

As a result, while checking for and repairing CLS errors, you may probably skip those pages. That’s a lot more effective than going through each URL in the group and searching for problems that might not exist.
Core Web Vitals (CVW) are a group of real user-centred metrics that quantify key aspects of the user experience thus ensuring better website performance. The CVW reports showcase measure dimensions such as a load time, interactivity, content stability etc.

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