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Google Brings In Communities & Discussions To SERPs

Google is on a roll and is constantly bringing new updates to search results! 

Here’s something new for internet surfers and especially those of you who love social media apps like Reddit and Quora that thrive on discussions and community building. 

Google is introducing a new feature that highlights what users are saying about a subject in online forums and discussions in search results. 

The talks and forums tool, which was unveiled at Google’s virtual ‘Search On’ event, builds on the search giant’s attempts to provide links to pertinent forum posts. Google is removing language barriers in the news by making it simpler to access translated items, as was also stated at Search On.

Google is granting a top request from users by surfacing more results from forums and online chats. In addition to search results, users will also be able to see links to various forums and platforms where people are having a discussion about a topic.  English-speaking mobile users in the US will soon be able to use a new search option that includes connections to several forum postings.

What Did Google State? 

The search engine giant is popular to communicate effectively with its audience, takes social listening very seriously and almost always responds to users’ complaints and considerations with features or explanations to simply the implementation of the features. 

Here’s what Google stated in its blog post regarding the latest update: 

“We’ve heard from you that you want to see more of this content in Search, so we’ve been exploring new ways to make it easier to find. Starting today, a new feature will appear when you search for something that might benefit from the diverse personal experiences found in online discussions.”

Google gives an example of entering a query like “best cars for a growing family.”

This will not only delight the users and give them a seamless experience while searching for information on various topics but also benefit marketers on the platform to drive discussions and rank at the top of the search results because of discussions on trending topics. 

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