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Google Beta Tests “Remove Results About You” Feature


Google has been on a roll since the start of 2022 and has been updating not just its algorithm but its user interface, and search optimization guidelines among other things. 

“What other things?” one may ask. 

Well, Google has left no stone unturned in listening to its users and delighting them with features that delight them. 

Recently, Google has been piloting a feature (which is in the beta stage), to enable users to remove their personal information from web searches thanks to a new privacy feature that Google is currently testing.

Users can ask for sites including their phone numbers, home addresses, or email addresses to be deleted from search results by using the new “remove result button,” which started to appear this week for a small number of Google app owners.

The elimination of results that include a user’s social security number, bank account or credit card number, or medical information is another option available to users. Users may also delete “outdated” or “illegal” information.

Google stated in a statement, “It is a way to help you easily control whether your personally identifiable information can be found in Search results,”

This is what the feature looks like on Android devices: 

How Can I Access The “Remove Results About You” Feature On Google? 

You can access this feature on the Google app if you click on the three dots in the top right corner. 

If you click the menu item, you’ll see that the “About this result” window is no longer displayed. The “Remove result” option will instead appear below the screen.

You may keep an eye on the request by going to the specific menu item “Results about you.” You can access any of the following three filters to check on the status of your requests: All requests > Approved > “In Progress” 

Who Can Access This Feature? 

Currency, on 23rd September 2022, this feature is in the beta pilot stage and made available to users across the USA and Europe. This feature is available on all Android devices. 

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