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Everything You Need To Know About Branding Through Social Media

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Traditionally, branding was limited to securing a logo for your product or service. The traditional modes of branding limited their marketing channels to print media, air broadcasts and television advertising. In 2022, marketing has advanced in its scope to include social media as a pillar for branding. All brands, big or small have recognized the potential of social media to build their brand presence and communicate with a larger audience. 

In this article, we talk to you about what it takes for a marketer to use social media for branding. We talk about the types of content that are most relevant, the creatives you must use and the various social media channels you can use to develop a strong brand. 

Choosing The Most Appropriate Platform 

Apart from the top social media channels; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, there are several social media platforms that exist. The demographics of each platform are different from the others. The users of these platforms differ by age, gender, income levels, location and more. 

For example, according to Statista, there are approximately 1 billion active users on Instagram and 31% of its users are between the ages of 25-34 out of which 34% are female users. 

On the other hand, Snapchat has approximately 119 million users out of which 39% of its users are between the ages of 18 to 24 located in the United States. 

You can always choose a combination of different social media channels to create a page for your brand. Each social media platform will demand a different form of content or creative content to accompany your brand’s social media page. But before thinking about the content, you first need to research and shortlist the platforms that will help you reach your target audience effectively. Researching and integrating a branding strategy for social media can be challenging. For this, you can always turn to a social media agency to help you with this. 

Two Main Elements For Branding On Social Media 

Visual Elements

Visuals are an essential component of any branding approach. It includes the visual aspects that reflect your company, from your logo, the colour palette, the fonts and the graphic elements. You can bring these elements together to create a ‘brand guideline’ where each component works together to create the overall aesthetics of your brand.

When you are using social media for branding, you need to remember that your brand’s page or profile will set the tone for the audience. With uniform visuals across all your social media channels, the audience will be able to recognise your brand regardless of the social media platform they use. This can only be achieved with consistency and uniformity of your visual elements.

For example, if your brand’s font is ‘Oswald’,  written in ‘Cornflower blue’ colour, you must use this combination in all your social media posts. The same goes for your graphic illustrations and videos. 

Your visuals on social media will be accompanied by texts, captions and audio a majority of times. For this, you need to include your brand’s voice and tone in its brand guidelines. 

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Brand Voice & Tone

Social media is overcrowded with brands and individuals alike. You can only stand out so much on the basis of your visual elements. Your written content needs that same attention and consistency you give to the other elements of your brand presence.

Details such as the tone of your voice – friendly or formal, catchphrases, and vocabulary should be included in the brand guideline. The slightest things, such as whether you use the phrase “clients” or “customers,” can help you maintain consistency in your writing. Use this while accompanying your visual elements with post captions, texts, audios, or any other written form on content. 

This brings us to the most important part of branding through social media, i.e., content. 

Extending Branding Elements Through Content 

Once you have a brand guideline in place, you must follow it while creating and posting content on social media. 

The content you create will vary depending on the type of social media platform you choose for branding. For example, if you choose Facebook, you may want to use targeted ads and long-form videos for branding. If you use Instagram, your focus should be on static posts, reels and stories for branding. The same is different for each social media platform. Therefore, you must extend your brand’s elements to see what works best on a particular social media platform. 

A digital marketing company can help you identify and create content based on your choice of social media platforms. Moreover, you must also regularly measure the performance of each content type that you have leveraged for branding. Depending on the response to your content, you can focus on the types of content that generate a great engagement rate with your audience. 

We hope this article helped you in understanding the most critical elements of branding through social media. 

Good luck! 

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