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Do’s & Dont’s of SEO For e-Commerce Websites


Post the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-commerce sector saw a major spike. With individuals preferring contactless payments and virtual shopping experiences, it became increasingly important for businesses to boost their online presence. This is also the time when SEO for E-commerce saw an upward trend. 

Most online retailers and company owners have professionally designed websites to showcase the goods and services they offer. Even though e-commerce websites have grown in number in the last few years, businesses frequently focus solely on their homepage, leaving the other landing and product pages with a simpler and less eye-catching design. 

But SEO for e-commerce goes beyond just having a great landing page or an aesthetically pleasing website. There are a number of factors that will determine the success of your e-commerce website. Therefore, you need to know the basic do’s and don’ts while starting your own online business. 

But before we dive into that, let us first understand was SEO for e-commerce consists of and what it means. 

What Is SEO For E-Commerce? 

Making your online store more visible in search engine results pages is what you achieve through e-commerce SEO. You can rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs) by optimizing your headlines, product descriptions, metadata, internal link structure, and navigational structure for search and user experience is typically part of e-commerce SEO. But there is more to it than that. Even if you don’t have your own website, you can hire Shopify developers to help you with Shopify SEO

Apart from your home or product pages, your e-commerce SEO should also pay attention to service pages, FAQs, contact us, help centres, blogs etc. Make sure to follow the SEO guidelines while optimising your website. 

Let us now look at the do’s and don’ts while building your e-commerce website and optimising it for search results. 

Do Have Multiple Photographs Of Products

product pics

Your product photographs are the main selling element that persuades customers to buy. People heavily rely on product images to obtain a clear understanding of what they’re buying and to get a compelling impression of a potential purchase.

As a result, it makes sense to display your items using a variety of lighting, setups, and perspectives in order to effectively display them. For instance, if it’s a certain style of clothing, showing many images of both the clothing item and a model wearing it against a white background will help the customer get a better concept of what they’ll get when making a purchase. 

Next, don’t forget to add alt-text to your images so that search engines like Google can pick them up as user feeds in a search query. Your SEO company will be able to guide you in optimising your product images and descriptions.

Don’t Add Information That Is Unnecessary 

unnecessary info

Now it is natural to have the urge to add much information as you can on your website or product pages. Avoid this.  Neither Google nor users appreciate irrelevant information or content and stuffing your website with invaluable information can severely impact your search rankings. 

Although including FAQs and other forms of content is a good idea, providing too much information could be detrimental to your cause. Similar to this, when placing the material on your page, you need to watch out for crowded regions.

This means not only investing in building a great content team but also making sure that your website development team aces user experience and makes navigation easier for the end user. Moreover, aim to give a uniform visual experience across all devices. 

Do Have A Marketing Budget 


Marketing is essential to the success of any organisation even your e-commerce website. Your brand can only be known and generate sales through marketing. When you initially begin selling online, deploy digital marketing services to include a variety of online marketing tactics in your business strategy to support your other types of advertising. 

It’s simple to set up an e-commerce store if you’ve been selling on your social network accounts. To reach more focused customers, you might only need to implement a few analytics capabilities and boost the budget. Regardless of the situation, you’ll need to know the market value of the marketing services you are deploying such as PPC ads, social media marketing, etc. Therefore, it is important to have a budget in place and allocate it to different marketing channels. 

Don’t Give Up On Your CTA

Don’t be afraid to use an eye-catching CTA at the end of every content piece. Take the help of a website personalisation guide to embed a CTA naturally on your website. This is your chance to push your prospect down the purchase funnel. Having a CTA that isn’t obvious defeats the objective of the action, from CTAs that blend in with the background or are too small to flashy ones that are verbose and wordy. This implies that, when you adjust the design and add new pieces, remember to include a CTA that is both easily visible and accessible. 

Do Ask Your Visitors To Store Their Information 

ask to store info

It is quite normal that you’d want to make the most of your lead generation form or live chat on your website and use your prospects’ information for targeted marketing. Moreover, your website may even ask the visitor to accept cookies so that their online behaviour can be tracked on your website. However, make sure that the target audience knows what the information is being used for and where it is stored. 

Moreover, having this transparency will improve the trustworthiness of your business and leave a positive impression on your prospective customers. 

Your company’s performance and bounds can expand with the aid of e-Commerce. However, the method you use to implement your idea will influence how successful your business will be. The few dos and don’ts you have prepared will help you launch your internet business as you prepare for growth.

All the best! 

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