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Content Assets You Need In 2022 To Generate Quality Backlinks

Now you have a great content team that delivers on time, is open to feedback and delivers creative content. But if you ask me if that is enough to get enough website traffic, I’d say no. If you have a great team, you’ve got to train them for two things: First, creating multiple types of high-quality content assets and second, having technical SEO knowledge to help you rank on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). 

If your content team is already creative, achieving the first part of this would not be so difficult, but training them on generating backlinks, keeping up with Google’s expectations and satisfying search result requirements is the more challenging part of it. But it does not have to be. The key is to understand the different content assets that work for your business and then choose the right platform to publish that content. 

Doing this can really get you some meaningful engagement and even increase your backlink network through your content. You don’t have to waste time sending out emails to other bloggers or website owners to link their content pieces back to you. You can achieve this naturally. Why? Because you have a great team of content experts with a creative mindset. 

In this blog, we tell you how your content team can use their creativity to create a bank of content assets that are highly optimised for searches and get backlinks to it naturally. 

Let’s dive in! 

Downloadables & Templates 


A blog post’s invitation to attract links is to include valuable downloadable content pieces such as digital marketing templates, social media calendars, etc. Without having to start from scratch, other websites can provide their audience with your helpful template.

For instance, HubSpot created a blog about social media and added a downloadable social media content calendar to it that readers could simply download and customise on their own. A download link for its social media calendar template is provided within the article.

This is a great way to generate backlinks to your website where other bloggers or website owners can point their readers in the direction in which they can get additional valuable information. This, of course, will work if the host blogger or website does not want to create its own downloadable content or template. 

If you are not sure how you can embed templates or link these content assets to your website, take the help of a website development agency to help you with this. 


You are aware of the COPE Formula, the phrase “Create Once, Publish Everywhere,” also known by its abbreviation COPE, has become more well-known as we gradually move toward a time when every home has several linked gadgets. Because of this, most marketers will devote time and resources to 2022 optimising visual experiences for their target audiences, among other aspects of optimising website content. 

COPE is a creative way to build multiple content assets. Say, you have written a blog post about “5 best travel stories to Europe.” Using COPE, you can repurpose the blog content into a short-form video, a long-form video, or a social media carousel, or even turn it into a podcast episode, among other forms of content assets. 

With this, you can always be sure to cross-link your content assets and earn backlinks through it. This will especially work if you have multiple platforms where you publish content.

Not sure how you can use COPE to your advantage? Take the help of content writer services to help you with this! 



Infographics are 30x more likely to be read than written articles, according to Digital Information World. Businesses put a lot of effort into improving the search engine rankings of their websites, but most SEO experts concur that having high-quality backlinks is one of the cornerstones of effective SEO optimization. Fortunately, infographics are among the easiest link-building strategies, and knowing how to get backlinks from infographics will significantly improve your SEO. This blog post on How to design infographics for building backlinks is a great resource to learn the process. 

Your infographic may have the best visuals and design, but if your research does not highlight the best, most pertinent information, it may not capture the core of what it means to create an infographic. In an infographic, pertinent data based on research can be organised as follows:

  • Bulleted lists
  • Flow-chart
  • Story-line Diagrams and Tables
  • Maps

Your infographic will showcase your creativity, but in order to drive visitors to your website and build backlinks from it, you must keep in mind that it shouldn’t take too long to load. This leads us to our next point. 

Become A Reliable Source


You can help other bloggers and websites out by leveraging your knowledge and distinctive facts. For this, you will need to conduct your own research, and run your own experiments or interviews. 

If the information you gather is valuable, relevant or informational, you’ll get a backlink each time someone quotes you. But this strategy has other advantages besides just obtaining backlinks with high domain authority (although they are a huge benefit on their own). You’ll boost your brand awareness and attract referral traffic to your website by establishing yourself as a reliable source. 

Update Old Content


Check the number of backlinks the post or study report has if you come across something that hasn’t been updated in a while. You’ve identified a real catch if numerous publications use that information as a reference.  

Ask your team of blog content writers simply just go ahead and put more pertinent information in a superior, brand-new piece of content. Or you could use the COPE formula and turn the content into multiple formats. 

Once the content is available, you can contact bloggers and journalists who have linked to the outdated version to inform them of the new version. Frequently, you’ll see the effects of your outreach in the form of backlinks or social media shares within a few days or weeks. But establishing that bond in the first place also has other advantages.

Don’t waste your time persuading websites one by one to link to your material if you want to produce content that naturally draws high-quality links. Instead, develop outstanding content – with your awesome content team – and create content that matters in the most creative way possible. When others like your content, you automatically will get high-quality backlinks without persuasion. 

All the best! 

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