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Out Now! Top 3 WordPress Review Plugins

Webmasters are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a plugin for the WordPress CMS. According to WordPress, there are more than 60,000 plugins available (both free and paid), that one can use to improve and manage content for the website. The same can be said when it comes to WordPress review plugins.  The Read more about Out Now! Top 3 WordPress Review Plugins[…]


Do’s & Dont’s of SEO For e-Commerce Websites

Post the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-commerce sector saw a major spike. With individuals preferring contactless payments and virtual shopping experiences, it became increasingly important for businesses to boost their online presence. This is also the time when SEO for E-commerce saw an upward trend.  Most online retailers and company owners have professionally designed websites to Read more about Do’s & Dont’s of SEO For e-Commerce Websites[…]


Website Refresh Vs. Redesign, What Should My Company Go For?

With Google going berserk on the number of updates it’s been rolling out since the start of 2022, one may ask a valid question: website refresh vs. redesign, what should one go for?  Revamping a website differs on various factors, from the cost involved to the time demanded the two processes can be a hard Read more about Website Refresh Vs. Redesign, What Should My Company Go For?[…]


Why & How To Improve Your Website Page Speed

Imagine writing high-quality content for your website, working with the best website development agency in the country and still witnessing a high bounce rate on your website. You’d certainly not want to be in such a position unless you’re ready to trade a slow website page speed with website traffic. Would you be okay with Read more about Why & How To Improve Your Website Page Speed[…]


How To Link Google Analytics To Your WordPress Website?

Want insights into your WordPress website? Use Google Analytics!  That seems rather obvious but that’s not what we are suggesting.  You don’t have to shift between the two platforms to gain valuable insights into your website performance if you integrate the two! includes analytics tracking and reporting that provide you with a rapid, high-level Read more about How To Link Google Analytics To Your WordPress Website?[…]

Website Optimisation For Mobile And Desktop in 2022

The search landscape has improved and has grown in favour of user experience. Website owners and companies have modified their methods to account for customers who search on their smartphones while on the go. Is this, however, sufficient justification to give up on desktop optimization altogether? Obviously not. Website optimisation for mobile and desktop is Read more about Website Optimisation For Mobile And Desktop in 2022[…]


Ensuring Uniform Visual Experiences Across All Devices For Your Website Visitors

“Create Once, Publish Everywhere” commonly recognised as the acronym COPE has gained popularity as we are slowly transitioning into an era where multi-connected devices are in every home. This is why most marketers are investing their time and money in optimising visual experiences for their target audiences in 2022. 

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WordPress releases an update to fix three critical vulnerabilities

WordPress has rolled out a security update to safeguard publishers from medium to high-level vulnerabilities. The 6.02 version of the security and vulnerability update will be part of most WordPress sites automatically and will influence the performance of each WordPress site.

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Why Does My Small Business Need A Website?

Many of you may think having active social media accounts is a good substitute for a website. While social media is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, a website is where your audience is drawn to as a response to effective marketing.  You may use any channel for marketing – email, social media, Read more about Why Does My Small Business Need A Website?[…]

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Building & Running A Website On A Budget – Startups, Dive Right In! 

Even with limited resources, startups and new businesses can build a high-performing website that can rank on Google search pages or be a part of marketing campaigns. This article tells you everything there is to know about building a pocket-friendly website with limited resources.