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latest wordpress version

WordPress releases an update to fix three critical vulnerabilities

WordPress has rolled out a security update to safeguard publishers from medium to high-level vulnerabilities. The 6.02 version of the security and vulnerability update will be part of most WordPress sites automatically and will influence the performance of each WordPress site.

LinkedIn post generator tool

An epic LinkedIn Post Generator tool created “accidentally” sold within a week! 

Time flies in the digital space. If you had to wait for a viral post on your favourite social site yesterday, today, you can create one by yourself! Unthinkable developments come from the least expected corner of the world. The latest in this line of development happened when a 27-year-old multifaceted Israeli named Tom Orbach, Read more about An epic LinkedIn Post Generator tool created “accidentally” sold within a week! […]

does small business need website

Why Does My Small Business Need A Website?

Many of you may think having active social media accounts is a good substitute for a website. While social media is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, a website is where your audience is drawn to as a response to effective marketing.  You may use any channel for marketing – email, social media, Read more about Why Does My Small Business Need A Website?[…]

budget website for startups

Building & Running A Website On A Budget – Startups, Dive Right In! 

Even with limited resources, startups and new businesses can build a high-performing website that can rank on Google search pages or be a part of marketing campaigns. This article tells you everything there is to know about building a pocket-friendly website with limited resources.

Wordpress plugin updates

WordPress Plugins: All You Need To Know About Manual And Automatic Updating. 

WordPress offers basic features so that any user may quickly launch a website. Right out of the box, you can upload and insert photos and other material, manage and schedule content, give user roles, create posts and pages, and monitor comments.

how to prevent e commerce fraud

Detecting E-Commerce Frauds & Strategies To Prevent Them 

The democratisation of online marketplaces such as Facebook, eBay, Amazon and Etsy has reduced the barriers of entry for anybody to open an online business. Unfortunately, it has also made life much simpler for fraudsters, who no longer require physical payment cards to conduct deals. Weak passwords, loopholes in credit card protocols, and the general Read more about Detecting E-Commerce Frauds & Strategies To Prevent Them […]

3 things to follow while creating content

Content Creation Fueled By Your Customer Persona – 3 Things To Follow

There are several methods you can deploy for researching and understanding your customer persona such as surveys, feedback, tracking online behaviour through tools like Google Analytics, etc. But all your research will help you develop an understanding of who your ideal customer(s) are and then target your marketing towards them. 

branding on social media

Everything You Need To Know About Branding Through Social Media

Traditionally, branding was limited to securing a logo for your product or service. The traditional modes of branding limited their marketing channels to print media, air broadcasts and television advertising. In 2022, marketing has advanced in its scope to include social media as a pillar for branding.

email marketing automation

Trigger Marketing: 5 Steps to Use It in Any Campaign

Marketing automation uses software to carry out monotonous and routine tasks. Marketing departments may automate time-consuming processes like email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns – not simply for the sake of efficiency, but also to give their clients a more personalized experience