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YouTube’s Latest Features: Photo Editing & Quizzes

When Google keeps surprising its users with so many features and updates, one can only wait before newer and improved features are placed within YouTube. And.. that’s exactly what has happened!  Google’s flagship acquisition, YouTube has recently come up with some of its own features that allow photo editing and quizzes to community posts. Interesting Read more about YouTube’s Latest Features: Photo Editing & Quizzes[…]

Google Fixes The Bug That Caused Missing Reviews

After fixing a glitch that caused reviews to be lost, Google is replacing any that are missing from Google Business Profiles. A bug that led to reviews disappearing from Google Business Profiles is being fixed by Google. Google affirms that reviews are being updated. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, made the announcement on Twitter in Read more about Google Fixes The Bug That Caused Missing Reviews[…]

Learn About Practicing SEO For eCommerce Websites

A properly optimised e-commerce website is a necessity if you sell things and want to reach the largest audience possible. There are various advantages you get by the following SEO for an eCommerce website. A top-notch e-commerce website aids in your comprehension of the fundamentals of your clients, such as their places, age ranges, and Read more about Learn About Practicing SEO For eCommerce Websites[…]


What Is The Importance Of A Website in 2022?

We often tell you that your website is your 24-hour salesperson. Regardless of the size and nature of your business, having a website can multiply your online presence exponentially. So, the importance of a website can hardly be underestimated. By maintaining the quality of your website’s content, the level of user experience and how closely Read more about What Is The Importance Of A Website in 2022?[…]

wordpress introduces gutenberg 14.2

WordPress Introduces Gutenberg 14.2

WordPress’ most advanced block editor, commonly referred to as Gutenberg first launched in December 2018. The last three years have seen enormous growth for Gutenberg as it became the minimum viable product to a mature project, closer to creating a full-site editing experience. As the new default content editor for posts and pages, Gutenberg took Read more about WordPress Introduces Gutenberg 14.2[…]


Search On: Google Introduces Brand New Features

Google is consistently improving itself and can almost be called a ‘human’ for the way it keeps evolving. The search platform has been the go-to internet gateway for a majority of users and with good reason.  The search engine giant strives to update its features to match the expectations of its users and delights them Read more about Search On: Google Introduces Brand New Features[…]


WordPress Revisits Canonical Plug-Ins

With changes in Google and social media’s algorithm along with changes in consumers’ behaviour patterns, discarding and upgrading features for platforms have become an industry trend.  Along with changes in Instagram, YouTube, Google, and Facebook among other digital channels of content, WordPress, the world’s most popular content resource management system has also decided to evolve.  Read more about WordPress Revisits Canonical Plug-Ins[…]