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Best Practices For CRO In 2022 For Your Business

Your marketing team informed you that your website is getting 5,000 visitors per month. That’s a pretty good number for your website considering you are a small or a medium-sized that entered the market rather recently. But you don’t see a lot of people signing up with you or filling out the lead-generation form that you have so thoughtfully planted on your website. That is a lot of effort and time that went to waste and is probably because your marketing team is not following the best practices for CRO. 

Wait, you don’t know what CRO is? 

That’s a problem. But don’t stress, that’s what we are here for. We’ll share the marketing load with you and start from scratch so that you can make the most of your digital marketing efforts. 

What Is CRO & Why Does It Matter? 
The process of improving your website to enhance the amount of leads you produce is known as conversion rate optimization, or CRO. A/B testing content and layout, workflow advancements, and content improvements all contribute to CRO. Optimizing conversion rates generates highly qualified prospects, boosts sales, and lowers acquisition expenses.

By extracting more value from the visitors and users you already have, conversion rate optimization enables you to reduce your customer acquisition costs. So instead of spending a major chunk of your marketing budget on, say PPC ads, you can optimise your current website to convert existing leads into customers. You can boost revenue per visitor, generate more leads, and expand your business by optimising your conversion rate.

When it comes to boosting conversions, there is always space for improvement, and this can be done by consistently following the best practices for CRO. The greatest businesses are always refining and enhancing their websites and mobile applications to enhance user experience and boost conversions.

You may have hired the best website content writers to help you optimise your website content. But it is important that as the business owner you also know the best practices for CRO that your team can utilise for the best results. Here’s what your team should be following in 2022. 

Market Research = Understanding The Market 


One may think of performing market research to keep a close look at what the competitors are doing, creating content around keywords with the most traffic or even introducing offers and discounts with the highest response. But your marketing team needs to research to understand what the market (your target audience wants), that is, of course after you have first identified who you want to sell to. 

Once you understand what your target audience wants, you will be able to deliver value instead of simply selling. This is key. 

Most companies fail with CRO because they are tone-deaf to the desires of their target audience. Instead of meeting them halfway, they usually expect the prospect to take a leap of faith only because results are guaranteed. That does not work. It never works. 

The mechanics of desire are crucial to conversion.  They need to receive something in return for choosing to opt-in to something (by clicking, providing you with their email, or filling out the lead-gen form). They won’t sign up just because your live chat on the website constantly reminds them to do so.  There needs to be some value offered that triggers the signup or conversion. Performing market research through surveys, feedback through social media or customer reviews is a great starting point. Data from such feedback can help you deliver your prospects’ value.

A Big Ticket Purchase In The First Go? It’s a No-Go! 
Imagine you see an ad on a social media platform about cracking job interviews in 3 months! The post clearly reads, “click on the link in the description to know more” and you do that because you could use this help to crack the interview in your dream company. But as soon as you click on the link, it takes you to a website that asks you to make a purchase of $100 for a month for interview practice. What would you do? 

If I were in your place I would immediately bounce out of that website because I am not ready to make a big-ticket purchase decision based on a social media ad. For the company that posted this sign-up ad, it means high website traffic but low conversion because just like me, there might be more people who bounced out of the page because they are not ready to make a commitment worth $100 in the first go. 

Avoid this because it will bring down your potential to convert. 

Encourage them to associate with your company at levels that do not require a lot of commitment. Remember, prospects would not mind taking a few steps to know more about the offering and this is often called the “breadcrumb technique” of CRO. The best practices for CROs often include warming up the prospect to the idea that something of great value awaits them. This can be done by prompting them to do something very basic such as filling out a form or subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a brochure, etc. 

Write Good Content 


Content is king, you know this, I know this, and the audience who reads the content also probably knows this. Good content has the potential to attract, retain and convert. Content needs is a mode of communication and regardless of which form of content you leverage, content marketing is one of the most effective ways you can generate interest in your prospects. 

Look around you, every visual cue, every audio, every text, every colour, every signal that conveys a message is content. Recently, non-text-based content formats have gained popularity and since the diversity of people is ever-increasing, it seems as if newer forms of content will give birth to delight consumers. Recognise this and use it to your advantage. 

Your SEO agency may already be helping you rank on the first page of Google but this is not enough if you want your CRO to be high. Of course, ranking high on Google’s search results is a big win in itself, but it couple this with some best practices for CRO and then look at how successful your marketing efforts are. 

Here are some ways you can use the content for high CRO: 

  • Add effective CTAs between or at the end of your blog posts. 
  • Make your ad copies trigger a response. Take the help of a Google ads agency for this. 
  • Identify your brand’s voice, tone and personality and replicate it across media channels. 
  • Collaborate with influencers and partners that share the same values as your brand. 
  • Identify and leverage the best social media platforms for your brand. 
  • Create email marketing campaigns with strong CTAs. 
  • Deliver content that corresponds with website personalisation

CRO is a specialised field and requires strategy and analysis for the best results. Your website, product or service may be doing well but its success needs to be sustained for a long period which can be attained by following the best practices for CRO on a constant basis. This blog is a great starting point for your business and its marketing team. 

All the best! 

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