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B2B Marketing Strategies: Creating Original Podcast Series 

Here’s a moment of truth for content marketers. Most people will not read this whole blog post. But it was in the form of audio, one could easily plug in their earphones and listen to what this blog has to say. Listeners can delve into themes using audio content without needing to set aside time for reading or watching a video. This is called podcasting and forms some great B2B marketing strategies. 

Podcasts also provide information in more manageable bits, making them ideal for daily commutes or busy schedules. 

It’s literally “music to your ears.” 

Where Does Podcast Fit In A B2B Marketing Strategy? 

Of course, you want your company to be making the most money possible, and the greatest ways to achieve so are frequently through marketing strategies that involve SEO, content, partnerships, paid ads, sales, conferences, and networking events. These channels are appealing because they frequently appear to be mutually beneficial.

For instance, SEO mapping identifies content themes, networking events facilitate the creation of successful business alliances, and paid advertising data can direct your SEO approach. But how exactly does a B2B podcast fit into your larger marketing plan when you decide to invest in one? Isn’t it just the most trouble for the smallest return?

Well, it’s more seamless and interlinked than your imagination goes. 

Having reputable guests on the show can lead to partnerships, contacts, and lasting relationships, this makes podcasting one of the best B2B marketing strategies. Comparatively speaking to other channels, podcasts also foster deeper involvement. The connections you make with your podcast guests and listeners might lead to sales and business opportunities. 

You can now contact people in places you couldn’t before, such as on their commute to work, at the gym, while they’re performing chores, etc., thanks to the audio format and portability of smartphones. Moreover, repurposing your audio into textual material and disseminating it through other channels might improve your podcast’s SEO. 

Now, let us see how you can build an original podcast series for your B2B business. 

Setting Your Objective & Identifying Niche 

For this B2B marketing strategy to work, you need to start off like you would for any other marketing strategy. Finding the ideal podcast idea for your new strategy is essential for drawing in the correct audience and keeping them interested in your show. 

Why did you decide to start a podcast? Even if it’s only to hang out with your colleagues or friends from similar industries, it’s important to know why you’re doing anything. The following are some strong justifications for beginning a B2B podcast.

  • To develop sales leads for a business
  • Becoming regarded as a thought leader in your industry
  • Send a pertinent message
  • In order to increase brand awareness

While some podcasters find instant success, while others build a small audience over time, the bulk of them works with a B2B podcast firm to help them expand. 

Setting your objectives will also help you determine how much you need to invest in the equipment and what you will require for the successful implementation of your podcast. Bringing us to the next point. 

Podcast Equipment & Format 

You need a microphone to record your voice on your computer. If are just beginning and don’t yet care about great quality, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on one. However, your audio will sound more professional the greater the quality. If the audio quality is poor, nobody will be delighted to listen to your podcast. 

The next essential element is the podcast format. How will your podcast be structured and what kind of information will it contain? Here are a few ideas:

Written nonfiction: These podcasts, like Serial, have a single season-long theme.

News: These podcasts give you the most recent news in an approachable manner. such as Up First on NPR.

Educational: These scripted non-fiction podcasts’ main goal is to impart knowledge. Consider revisionist history.

Scripted literatur:. Like radio dramas, these podcasts are typically scripted and professionally made. as in Limetown.

If you are not sure what content might suit best for your podcast, take the help of a content writing agency to help you with this. 

This will also determine if you want to co-host your podcast, run it individually and determine the length of each episode. 

Plan The Podcast Out 

Understanding your podcast’s strengths and weaknesses, the best ways to reach your audience, and the subjects they are most interested in will all be made easier with a defined strategy.

Your ideal client persona cannot be targeted if your topics and themes are too broad since they become irrelevant. If your content is too specialised and niche-specific, it will be difficult to reach new listeners unless you can provide additional content for your current audience.

Every great content strategy calls for the creation of themes and subject matter that are more pertinent to your ideal client persona while still being generally applicable to the general public. 

So when it comes to podcasting, make sure you are consistent in your approach such as releasing episodes consistently, having similar lengths of the episodes, using catchy names for the episode, etc. 

Focus On Customer Experience & Gain Feedback 

It is no social media marketing secret that you can use social networks to gain valuable insights into the overall experience your customers are having. At the end of your podcast, you can always mention your social platform names and encourage listeners to get in touch with you over there. 

This is a great way to increase online customer engagement for your business and also gain valuable insight into how your audience thinks. Moreover, this gives you a chance to integrate your marketing activities across all platforms which are great for your business. So for example, if you are performing lots of video marketing on a social media platform, you can integrate your podcast into that video marketing campaign making your followers cross-pollinate between your podcast and social media. 

If you are not sure how podcasting can facilitate integrated B2B marketing strategies for your business, take the help of digital marketing services to help you achieve this. 

B2B podcast marketing can be a terrific method to connect with a niche audience and establish credibility in a manner that few other content types can. But it moves quickly. Integrate podcasting gradually into your overall marketing plan. It is a viable choice for reaching niche audiences due to the development of both the industry and the multi-channel media format. 

All the best! 

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