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An epic LinkedIn Post Generator tool created “accidentally” sold within a week! 

Time flies in the digital space. If you had to wait for a viral post on your favourite social site yesterday, today, you can create one by yourself! Unthinkable developments come from the least expected corner of the world. The latest in this line of development happened when a 27-year-old multifaceted Israeli named Tom Orbach, an employee of a start-up firm created a website capable of generating viral posts. He created the LinkedIn post generator tool using an app-making app called Adalo that requires no knowledge of coding per se. 

Just like what Google’s Imagen does with text inputs, the website outputs cringy or horrifying LinkedIn posts within seconds of answering a few simple questions. These questions include “What did you do today?” and what desired “inspirational advice” you want your post to portray. Finally, users will have to decide the intensity of their post (the extent to which they can evoke the desired emotion). This is how a routine LinkedIn post comes to life synthetically!

In the blink of an eye, Orbach’s brainchild tool was featured in numerous international newspapers and soon acquired by a French startup called Taplio for an undisclosed sum. Taplio intends to use the tool to enhance its LinkedIn-based software development efforts aimed at improving business potential. What started as a free-time fun activity is now making users across the digital platform joyous as they feel a sense of accomplishment after seeing their creativity take “viral” forms. 

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