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8 Digital Marketing Skills a Pro Needs to Succeed in 2022

You may own a million-dollar business but it will soon reach stagnation if you are unable to boost growth. For those whose dream job itself is to become a successful digital marketer, you must know that this industry is an ever-changing one. Therefore, you constantly need to upgrade your skills to succeed as a pro digital marketer. 

Irrespective of if you are currently a digital marketer or not, here are eight skills that you require to succeed as a pro digital marketer. Rest assured, acquainting yourself with these skills will definitely help you become a digital marketing rockstar. 

Let’s dive in! 

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Content Consumption 

Content consumption may be deemed as a passive activity but doing it actively is definitely an acquired skill. 

When it comes to engaging with content, as a digital marketer, you must make sure that you actively consume content in more than one format. You may be a writer which means you may like reading as a way to consume content. However, you need to also consume content that is outside your regular comfort zone. Consuming content in multiple formats channels will broaden your imagination and help you experiment with formats that may work wonders for your brand. 


With the rise of AI for personalization, companies like Mondelez, Zomato and Amazon are all learning the ropes to delivering personalized experiences to their customers. Personalization marketing goes beyond using the customer’s name in a pop-up notification or an email subject line. It involves deeply analysing your customers and providing them exactly what they want and how they want it. 

As a digital marketer, you must definitely learn more about personalization marketing and how you can use technology to improve the digital marketing services you provide. 

Learning Social Media And Its Avenues 

According to Statista, In 2021, over 4.26 billion people were using social media worldwide, and the number is projected to increase to almost six billion in 2027. Social media is here to stay because consumers now prefer digital modes of interaction. As a result, this form of media leaves ample space for exploring and experimenting with digital marketing. 

From paid advertisements to influencer collaborations, social media has become a hub for marketing and as a digital marketer, platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook should be at your fingertips 

Designing Vs. Writing 

Just like it is encouraged for you to associate with a different form of content than you are comfortable with, it is also encouraged for you to learn a skill that is different from the one you already possess. 

For example, copywriters and graphic designers work closely together on projects. However, both these areas of operations are different from one another.  While one plays with words, the other plays with colours and shapes. 

To become a successful digital marketer it is important that you possess more than one skill to understand how different elements of digital marketing work together to implement marketing strategies. 

More such examples are sales and finance, accounts and project management, operations and human resources. 

Listen & Observe 

You know quite well that you are surrounded by two things in 2022 – content and technology. These two areas have proven to establish a kingdom in the marketing world. Thus, there is a lot of scope for discoveries and innovation in the digital marketing field.

To make content and technology work for you, it is necessary for you to listen and observe what is already happening around you. This will help you take inspiration and turn it into your own innovative digital marketing strategy. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by trend-spotting. 

Data Analysis 

When it comes to digital marketing trends and the adoption of new technologies, it is a given that you will be surrounded by lots of data, algorithms and numbers. Having the skill of data analysis will help you measure your digital marketing efforts by making sense of performance reports, marketing statistics and consumer data. Analysing data is a skill that only a pro digital marketer would possess. 

With data analytics also comes data cleansing. Becoming a pro at digital marketing will involve not only analysing data but also using relevant information to make calculated decisions. 

Search Optimization 

If you are asked to create your personal performance report as a digital marketer, you will invariably talk about how much of your content ranks on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). Content ranks on the SERPs because of the high level of optimisation. This is why it is imperative for you to have a holistic understanding of search engine optimisation (SEO). 

SEO is a skill that includes competitor research, analysing keyword performance, backlink building and so much more. You can always choose to consult with a SEO agency to help you with this bit as it is a critical part of achieving your marketing goals.

Team & Resource Optimization 

You may be a digital marketer with all of the above-mentioned skills. However, it is highly unlikely that you will perform all of this alone. This is why you need a highly skilled team of digital marketers that collaborate and perform digital marketing routines for your company or a company you may be working for. 

For this, you need a thorough understanding of people and resource management to make the best use of the talent. 

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